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Elevating and empowering mom business owners

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Mom Owned + Operated

Here we will cut the bullshit and get honest about what it is like to try and juggle all of the things at once.

Real moms. real community. real honest.

Created and hosted by Rita Suzanne. Rita teaches other moms how to build a business that will support them, establish realistic boundaries, and leave mom guilt behind.

She has also struggled with juggling all of the responsibilities of running a business and being a mom. She has been divorced twice, has two sons and two daughters. Rita decided it was time to connect with other moms just like her about what it is really like to be a mom and try to do all of the things while life smacks you around.


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Helping moms navigate business from startup to mastery by growing real sustainable relationships in a supportive community.



Rita is on a mission to help other moms—especially single moms and those without support—to start, grow, and sustain their own business. This is especially hard while you are in the midst of trying to raise a family and hopefully remember yourself. It is the mission of Rita through Mom Owned and Operated to help elevate and empower moms.



Mom Owned and Operated was inspired and created based on events that began in January 2020. After discovering infidelity in her second marriage, Rita’s baby sister suddenly passed away. Shortly thereafter, she simultaneously filed for divorce and custody of her two nieces. Rita then became overwhelmed by depression and anxiety.

One day while trying to figure out what to do next, she decided she needed to re-connect with other moms. First, she started with the podcast, then added the directory, and then the mission was born.



Become a part of Mom Owned and Operated, sponsor a mom, or donate to support the mission to help us help more moms.

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Are you a single mom interested in joining the Members Only monthly membership, but it’s not yet in your budget? Apply now and tell your story.

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Whether you’re a mom or not, you can get involved. The sponsorship program helps fund single moms so they can get the extra support they need to start and grow.

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Donations help with program development and education, hosting events, overhead and administrative costs, and marketing.

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