Jomana Elaridi

Mindset & confidence coach
Dr. Jomana Elaridi
My name is Jomana and I’m a university professor who became a certified coach. I believe in coaching so much that I embarked on an additional certification as a Master NLP Practitioner. I’m a self-worth and confidence coach for ambitious women who too often doubt their abilities, their decisions and their worth.

I work with women on several aspects including setting boundaries, perfectionism patterns, overthinking, overwhelm, procrastination, imposter syndrome, and self-sabotage issues. I presented a TEDx a few years ago about the struggles of working mothers which inspired me on this path.
I’m very passionate about this as I struggled for years with confidence and self-worth and have seen far too many competent and hardworking students, colleagues, friends and acquaintances do so as well, so I’m making it my mission to save women from the years of pain I experienced. I empower women to own who they are and live a fulfilled life. Feel free to follow me on IG to check out my vibe, energy and content (all related to mindset, confidence and self-worth) and info about my coaching service.