You’re ONE step closer to business growth.

Wanna be TWO steps closer?

This mastermind is for mom business owners who would love accountability, support, community and input from others in order to start, scale and grow their business.

Ready to Get Started?

Have you ever had someone close to you say – “You should just go get a ‘regular’ job instead of trying to start a business.”?

Yeah, me too. That is not the type of support you had in mind when you decided to start your own business, is it?

Hear me loud and clear…

…that type of well-meaning support is not what you need to make your business grow…because it undermines your confidence.

But do you know what is worse?

Living your life for everyone else. Pushing yourself too hard and overextending yourself. Not saying NO to what doesn’t serve you or saying YES to what will help you grow.

Feeling like everyone else is winning. All of your ideas seem to get some traction but not what you had in mind.

And wanting SO badly to make it. But you keep pushing things off and then you get distracted by something else. Or you start but never finish.

Introducing the Mom Owned Mastermind, a monthly group focused on –

Increased Accountability

You’re looking to achieve your goals. Accountability commitments, weekly calls, a private group and work sessions twice a week will push you forward quickly.

Relationship Building:

You’re looking for your business besties. The mastermind isn’t for networking it is for creating relationships with like-minded business moms because being an entrepreneur can be lonely.

Unbiased Guidance + Advice

You’re looking for feedback and fresh ideas. The mastermind is all about give and take. The objective is to help and support each other.

Each month you’ll get:

  • Weekly calls
  • Private group access to connect and support the other members plus you can go ask your own questions/advice.
  • Weekly work sessions

Who is Rita?

Who is Rita?

Rita Suzanne is a digital strategist who helps health and wellness coaches gain brand clarity, define brand strategy to attract their target audience, and create a website in one day focusing on simple but effective conversion strategies.

Rita also helps virtual assistants learn marketing and website technical skills so they can create a profitable business without sacrificing themselves in the process.

She is also the creator of Mom Owned and Operated.

She’s been featured in business, branding and design podcasts, blog interviews and summits. When she’s not helping other business owners, she is working on upgrading herself, learning new things and serving up no-nonsense business advice.


  • Weekly calls will be held each week on Zoom for one hour. Calls will not be recorded.
  • Work sessions will be held weekly as available on Zoom for 45 minutes. These sessions are just meant to help with focus for moving forward with goals
  • We will focus on monthly goals that will be listed in a private accountability document.

Next Steps

If you do decide that this is a good fit for you and you’re ready to get started, I cannot wait to start supporting you to get you closer to whatever your goals may be.

The application form is just to help separate everyone in to weekly call groups for the month.

Ready to get started? It's free!

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