You are a business owner who is also a mom.

You started your business out of necessity, passion, or for freedom.

Mom Owned and Operated was created to elevate and empower mom business owners.

One thing that most business owners have in common is that they underestimate how challenging it is going to be to do it all. You can hire a team (and you should) but the one thing that will elevate your business is focus.

When you started your own business it was probably to achieve time and financial freedom. It feels so great to not have to depend on anyone else.

But you had no idea how hard it was going to be to start, maintain, and scale your business. A solid support system will help you no matter where you are right now. And no one understands a mom like another mom.

You need support. So where do you start?

It all starts with surrounding yourself with other like minded people going through or having been through the same journey. Here’s how we do it:

  • Subscribe to the podcast. It comes out twice a week. The episodes are close to 30 minutes long and give you a glimpse into how other moms are doing raising a family, running a business and remembering themselves.
  • Get in the directory. You can get your business listed to get a little exposure, get featured on social media, and connect with prospective clients and customers.
  • Join the free group. Come and join me and other aspiring and established mom business owners in the free Facebook group.
  • Join the Client Attraction Academy. A comprehensive group course that includes everything to make your business business financially stable by finding and attracting new clients.

Mom Owned and Operated was started with a clear mission in mind – supporting other moms. Having you support this mission would help other moms.


About Rita Suzanne

Mom business owner since 2014.

Meet your dream business strategist – Rita Suzanne! She’s an expert at supporting mom entrepreneurs to generate leads and sales while eliminating exhaustion and overwhelm. Rita helps businesses gain brand clarity, develop winning strategies, and implement powerful conversion tactics.

She’s also the host of the Mom Owned and Operated podcast and has been featured on numerous business podcasts, blog interviews, and summits. When Rita’s not crushing it for her clients or upgrading her skills, she’s hanging with her four kids, getting her sweat on at the gym, and relaxing in her comfiest gear.