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Are you a mom business owner ready to empower and inspire other moms with your story? I’m looking for successful entrepreneurs who want to share the REAL DEAL about building a profitable business.

Mom Owned + Operated is dedicated to providing actionable advice and celebrating the wins (big and small) of the mompreneur life. It’s a place where we lift each other up and learn from each other’s experiences.


Who I’m looking for –

Profitable Mom Business Owners: You have a proven track record of generating consistent revenue and financial success in your business.
Established Businesses: Your business has been operating for at least two years and has a solid foundation.
Authentic & Transparent: You’re willing to share the highs and lows of your entrepreneurial journey, including challenges overcome and lessons learned.
Eager to Teach: You have valuable insights and strategies to share with other moms who are striving to build profitable businesses.
Passionate About Community: You believe in the power of connection and supporting other women in business.

What I offer –

Podcast Interview: Selected guests will be featured on my video podcast, reaching a wide audience of engaged mom business owners.
Written Interview: If not selected for the podcast, I offer the opportunity to be featured in my written interview series, sharing your story and expertise in a different format.

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