Adrianne Delgado

Registered Dietitian
Bodymetrix Health and Wellness Services
Adrianne Delgado is a registered, licensed dietitian and has almost 20 years of experience in out-patient nutrition care. Her passion includes helping her patients have a positive relationship with food, improving energy levels, and empowering her clients to live their best life. As a working mother of five children, she understands firsthand the challenges of balancing health and responsibilities. Her specialty involves teaching clients how to create new habits which include intuitive eating, and “root work”, a unique program designed to figure out why we over desire food and how to create healthier habits.
In 2019, she became an author to her first book Nourish, Eat, Repeat: A busy woman’s guide to a healthier mind, body and life. She is also a public speaker and is the host of the podcast Nourish, Eat, Repeat.

She resides outside of Philadelphia with her husband and children. She enjoys running, cooking, gardening, and spending time with family.

Bodymetrix is an industry-leading, out-patient nutrition practice and the #1 choice for doctor referrals in our area. When it comes to nutrition there is no one right way to do it (run far, far away from any person or program that tells you differently). Our job is to help you figure out your way and what is healthy for your body. We’ll look at where you’re starting, what your goals are, and then brick by brick, start building your bridge.

We focus on making recommendations from the grocery store, not the supplement counter. Eat real food, get real results. No matter how busy your schedule is, we will work together to develop a plan and identify the tools necessary to help you make positive and successful changes.