Amy Reinecke & Jennifer Draper

Blog Coaches
Spark Media Concepts
Amy Reinecke and Jennifer draper are the founders of Spark Media Concepts. Our goal is to teach and train women to optimize their online presence so their businesses will flourish and grow into the company of their dreams. We personally utilize all the practices we teach and train to build our own websites.

We believe that authenticity and organically growing your online presence is beneficial in building lasting relationships and building trust with your potential and/or current customers/clients.
We have created an online course, The Ultimate Blog Bootcamp, to help people begin their blogging journey, or help existing bloggers improve their website with a focus on SEO optimization and user experience.

We share weekly episodes on our podcast, The ultimate blog podcast, all about blogging and encouraging women to continue to grow their blogs.

We believe community is what makes us different. We are here every step of the way to encourage and support you on your blogging journey and we are invested in your success!