Claire Chew

Claire Chew Coaching & Consulting
Claire Chew knows your love. She knows your loss. What she also knows thanks to her experience and training is how to get through the pain to a place where you can remember and honor those you love with affection and grace.

Claire, a grief coach / compassion fatigue specialist who specializes in helping the humans left behind, has enabled hundreds of pet lovers worldwide to accept their grief and grow from it.
Her one-on-one coaching sessions and on-line program help pet owners unpack their upset and understand why the loss of an animal’s unconditional love can trigger feelings in other, unexpected areas of their lives.

During Covid, her work expanded to include burnout and stress support for 500+ Vet techs/doctors in the veterinary medical field.

Claire earned a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, Certification in compassionate fatigue support, certification in Grief Recovery, Grief Bereavement Facilitation and Animal Reiki, is a member of Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement, International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care.

Claire’s work has been featured in InStyle, Marie Claire, Martha Stewart Living, and more. visit her website to learn more about Claire’s work and how she can help you not just cope but thrive after facing life’s most difficult challenges.