Cory Peterson

wordpress web designer
Meadowlark Consulting
Cory Peterson is a WordPress web designer and tech consultant for women business owners. She has created engaging, beautiful, and functional websites for online business coaches, yoga teachers, and bloggers, as well as local businesses such as a Montessori preschool and an acupuncture clinic. Cory was a wetland ecologist prior to becoming a stay-at-home parent and volunteer in her local community. She was always willing to raise her hand when tech projects for these non-profits came along, and in the process taught herself how to build WordPress websites.
When seeing a divorce on her horizon, she put everything into building a web design business, with the passion and desire to help women build their businesses, raise their incomes, their voices, and their impact.

She started a blog called Women to Watch: Interviews with Women Building their Businesses with Love, Compassion, and Rockstar Skills. She enjoys learning about the entrepreneurial journey of women in various fields, how they’ve made a business out of their passion, and how they use their platform/business to make an impact.

When she’s not behind a computer screen, she’s hanging out with her kids, connecting with her book club and business besties, and playing outside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her dog Ila Blue.