Gabbie Kelly

WEM: We Empower Mompreneurs
Compassion takes empathy one step further because it harbors a desire for all people to be free from suffering, and it’s imbued with a desire to help. Compassion is the approach Gabrielle Kelly has been bringing to her clients.

It is tough to talk about business finances, and it is a vulnerable position to be in. For Gabbie, every operational decision you’re making in your business is connected to the financial impact, so she brings compassion to finance discussions. We all have learned, made similar mistakes, and want to improve things.
Sometimes it’s hard to remember that somebody who does business may not always talk about profit, margins, and bottom line. Gabbie is very comfortable with some finance and accounting words as an accounting professional. Still, it might seem very daunting and overwhelming to non-finance professionals, so she kind of breaks down those barriers and has those human connections.

She has seen the most significant challenges with start-ups and helped them overcome them by taking away the financial worry and stress and becoming more empowered by having an excellent foundational knowledge of what’s going on with the business. Having a financial plan is vast and carves out that piece that’s always in the background looming. As a small business owner, or a mompreneur, with all these things on your plate, having somebody lift that off of you and carry that for you and with you step by step is super helpful.

Gabbie has this love for the mom entrepreneurs community because she knows and relates to how limited a mom’s time is and how much is on their plate. So, giving them more empowerment and a system to help them achieve more financial freedom and financial empowerment is a huge help for their businesses to succeed.