Jean Brillman

White Horse Coffee
On her 11th birthday, White Horse Coffee founder, Jean Brillman, received the very best present a horse-crazy kid could get…a white pony named Peppermint Patty. That was just the beginning of a life-long obsession with horses.

Spending many long days at horse shows with no decent coffee, is how the idea behind the White Horse brand was born. Starting as a coffee truck in 2017, White Horse has now expanded into a cafe and USDA organic roaster.
All of our coffees are not only specialty grade, USDA organic and fair trade, but also clean roasted on our zero-emissions, all electric roaster which reduces the carbon footprint of coffee by 90%! We package all our coffee in compostable bags and because we only micro-roast in small 6lb batches, the quality and consistency of roast and flavor is unparalleled.

White Horse Coffee is committed to organic and environmentally responsible coffee roasting that provides coffee lovers with a fresh, fun, and flavorful cup of coffee.