Kristi Davis

Redeemed Coaching
Throughout Kristi’s childhood she was always overweight which was accompanied with poor self-esteem. She had suffered health, weight, and identity issues.

She deepened her relationship with the Lord and embarked on a beautiful transformation in discovering herself and purpose. After becoming ill, she discovered the whole food-plant based lifestyle and embraced it.

Her symptoms fully resolved, and she went on to lose over 115 pounds.
As she embarked on this journey, she knew, for it to be sustainable it must be about more than food and exercise; transformation had to start from within. I started treating herself and body with love and appreciation.

Kristi blossomed, created a better version of herself than she could have ever imagined. she had been redeemed. This unlocked her passion of helping others on their journey of finding their full potential, discovering all the gifts God has made within them and raising up others to reach their goals.

She has coached men and woman on countless areas in their lives from health goals to relationship, professional and personal growth. The core of her clients are entrepreneurs that are looking to level up in their business and work on their mindset. Thanks to technology She works with people all over the world with virtual video connection calls. Kristi influences and continues to reach people globally with her international #1 best seller book titled Redeemed. It is a guide to self-love and explains her journey to true happiness. She is a motivational speaker and mentor.