Stephanie Polcyn

Sweet Disaster, LLC
Stephanie is a homeschooling mom of 4, wife, and business owner.

She started on a health journey first while was pregnant with baby #4 and just wanted to be able to breastfeed as long as possible without all the cookies and drinks and craziness.

Stephanie knew there had to be another way. She started to learn all about how the food taken in can effect other parts of her body and even mind. Once she started with nutrition, she could not stop!
A short time after she had baby #4, her husband came to her and asked a simple question. You do all this for our house but what is your hobby?

She could not answer the question. Stephanie decided she would try working out. She could give herself 30 minutes a day to just be Stephanie and not all other other hats she wore. She was hooked!

As she went on her journey though, she started to notice something – there were not many coaches she could connect to and feel like they would understand her. So Stephanie said “I will show people the real side of this journey”.

After the loss of her cousin, Stephanie said tomorrow is not given to us so today is the day. She made it official and created Sweet Disaster…a place where women can come to be honest and true. Where they can connect and grow.

This is a place to take control, make yourself a priority, and change your life. sweet disaster is more than just coaching, fitness, and nutrition. Sweet Disaster also has an entire active wear line because women should feel amazing at any point in their journey!