Kelly Wabiszewski of Wabi Post

Interview with:
Kelly Wabiszewski
16 month old girl and a second baby due Dec 2021
Business name:
Wabi Post
How did you come up with the name for your business?
Wabi is a nickname for my last name and post makes it sound like a classic news brand

Tell us about your business.

With brand consulting, writing, and marketing, I help professionals create and implement strategic marketing plans so they can give their clients a reason to choose them over anyone else.

During my two decades in marketing I've worked at agencies, at private businesses, and at major corporations, and I've held titles like account manager, brand manager, and marketing director. I've followed my curiosity into a wide variety of markets and sectors, I've worked with some fantastic collaborators, and I've never lost my love of all things story.

What or who has been your greatest influence in business and why?

My sister, Coach Kimmy, because she turned her personal training career into a profitable, women-owned business all while being an amazing mom! Her style is authentic, fun, and professional.

What would you say is your greatest business success to date?

I launched my first online course, Brand Boost, while on maternity leave! it was a successful launch and I am still working with members post-launch on everything from email marketing campaigns to websites.

What is the greatest obstacle you have faced in your business?

Before I launched my online course, after consecutive 5am mornings and trying to work every second of every nap—which resulted in burnout—I stood in the kitchen and as I was recapping my day of video production, started to cry.

“What if it flops? What if no one signs up?! What if all of this hard work was for nothing!!?”

In order to overcome our biggest fears, we often have to give them a little stage time by saying things like “my biggest fear is ___” or asking the question “What’s the worst that can happen?”

What are the things that help you stay organized and get things done?

Lists and accountability meetings! My Ascend marketing membership group meets weekly to share wins, challenges, and goals. it keeps our momentum rolling.

Since you are also a mom, how do you balance everything?

Ask for help and embrace mantras! My favorites right now are "I am healthy. I am safe. I am calm." Sounds silly, but it helps 🙂

Do you think being a mom has helped you with the success of your business? if so, how?

Many moms do not show their personal and professional life when marketing their business. I bravely show both, giving my audience authenticity an inspiration no matter the content.

What advice would you give to other moms who dream about starting their own business, but they don’t think they can do it all?

View the first year as an experiment. Sometimes your pace will be too fast and you will burnout. Sometimes it will feel too slow and you question your momentum. It takes 3-5 years to grow a successful business. Give yourself a break, mama. It will come.

Do you have any stories you’d like to share that may amuse, entertain or inspire others?

ascend, Kelly’s membership group helps you work on your Marketing Plan to Work every week without expensive coaches, hours of wasted work time, or off strategy tactics.
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