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In this episode of the Mom Owned and Operated podcast, Rita Suzanne and Nellie Corriveau discuss raising a family, running a business and remembering yourself.

Nellie helps women with phones and laptops build wealth while living their best life.

She can’t-stop-won’t-stop until more women are making more money and creating more time freedom.

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Rita Suzanne, Nellie Corriveau

Rita Suzanne  00:01

Welcome to the mom owned and operated Podcast, the podcast about moms and for moms, where we have candid conversations about running a business, raising a family, and remembering ourselves. I’m your host, Rita Suzanne, a single mom of four, digital strategist and provider of no nonsense business strategies and tactics. Hi, this is Rita Suzanne. And today I have my friend Nelly with me, Nelly, please tell everyone all about you, your family and your business.

Nellie Corriveau 00:35
Oh, my goodness, where do I even begin? Well, thank you so much for having me on the show Rita. I love pouring into other women expecially moms because, girl, I feel you like it. I am in the thick season of motherhood right now. So I’ll just begin with that. I’ve got a feisty five year old daughter, I do not want to change her sassiness I think it is a beautiful quality. It’s just challenging at times. And then I’ve got a four month old baby boy named Boone. And we’re in the four month sleep regression right now. So cheers to all the coffee. I’m happily married to my husband, high school sweetheart, Jared, and have an online business truly dedicated to help women that have been under estimated make all the money that they desire and more so that they can live a truly wealthy life beyond like even what they can imagine right now. So we do that in tons of different ways through live coaching programs, courses, events. printables, like we have something for everyone from I have no clue what to do to make money online to a $5 million business that we coach and support. So we literally love growing with women and meeting you where you’re at and helping you get to where you want to go and even beyond. So that is us as the wealthy Queen movement in a nutshell.

Rita Suzanne 02:05
Love it. So what was your path to becoming an entrepreneur?

Nellie Corriveau 02:12
How much time do you have right now? You got it. I’ll give you the SparkNotes version. So I’ve been a overnight success of 17 years. So I started when I was 16 years old with the crazy idea of like, let’s do a fashion show to raise money for kids with cancer. It’s just gonna be a one time event I there was no social media back then I had no clue what I was doing. I had no money, I just was learning how to drive. My friends thought I was crazy. We raised a little over $3,000 That night, which to a 16 year old. I was like, this is the coolest thing ever. And I remember taking that money to Nationwide Children’s Hospital being so proud. And so filled with joy that like before then I didn’t know where I fit. I didn’t know where I fit in to school. So I tried out for the cheerleading team didn’t make it I tried out for the tennis team didn’t make it. I you know, I’ve gone through body challenges I just have always felt out of place. And starting that organization and really just the fundraising of it. For the first event, I finally felt like I found my place. And I couldn’t stop like I was just like, how could you stop like kids have cancer. And if there’s something I can do to help, then I want to do that. So I grew that for 10 years. And it was truly a labor of love. And then when we started deciding, hey, we want to like settle down, we want to have a family, I knew that that line of work was not going to align one with my family schedule, because it’s like you’re a doctor on call, like, you’re working nights and weekends, and you’re fundraising and you’re doing all the things and it’s very intense. And equally from a financial aspect. You don’t go into nonprofit to like, become wealthy, like, hopefully not. So I knew I had to make some transitions. But I didn’t want the organization to go away because I truly love our mission believe in our mission. So I really had to make that exit strategy. And it took about a year and a half. I got pregnant with Emma in that process. And then I was like, I have no idea what I’m going to do. But I want to do something and I want it to be for women. And so since she was born, she’s now five. I’ve just been really like listening to my market, like, what do you want? And how can I support you? And I’ve just grown with my audience through that. And it’s just cool because the goal was never to make millions of dollars. That’s been great. But like the goal was always how can I support you and believe in you and give you what you need and give you a safe space. And it’s just been so fun. Obviously there’s been challenges too, but like, so rewarding and I just love that I can make my own schedule. That was the biggest thing for me is just like the time freedom Um, to be the mom and the wife that I want to be, plus making a difference at the same time. Absolutely, yeah. And like, so it’s like the best of both worlds because like, I’ve always been that heart centered leader. But then there were a lot of money blocks, like there were, you know, so many tough years of growing the organization that I was putting myself through college, working three jobs, charging groceries living in an apartment that didn’t really like I couldn’t really afford. And so there was a lot of worthiness stories of like, I this is what it means to be successful. I gained tons of weight during that process. And so it was a beautiful transition to entrepreneurship, because it really started as a personal growth journey. I lost the weight. I then, like people started coming to me, and they’re like, can I work with you one on one? And I was like, for what? Like? And they’re like, just tell me your price. I’m like, like, why? Like, what do you want me to do, like, and I started coaching for $25 an hour. And I thought that was the coolest thing ever. And, you know, at the end of the day, it’s just been cool to grow, to grow up doing all of this. And I still feel like I have so many years ahead of me, that feels really, really exciting. And I’m just excited to see where we can take this.

Rita Suzanne 06:17
I feel like you know, as business owners, we have to do so much personal growth, as we you know, as we are going forward in our journey regardless. And I think that as we grow as a person, then our business starts to grow along with us. Yes, yeah. So who is new serving now in your business?

Nellie Corriveau 06:39
Yeah. So we really cater to a few different types of like women specifically. So like I said earlier, we, we work with women at all stages of their business, even if they don’t know what they’re wanting to do yet. So we have some like personal development programs and helping you figure out your offer. And I love that because everyone has has gifts and talents that they can absolutely monetize, if they want to. And so just giving them those light bulb moments are really, really exciting. So we really love to support women with ADHD or other learning disabilities, I’m actually getting certified because I’ve just been so obsessed with this whole world of neuro divergence NSSI. And the school is not set up for nor neurodivergent people and equally, business is not always set up. So I’m like, I feel called to like get certified. So I’m going through that certification. So we definitely cater to that type of woman. We’ll also moms because I’m a mom, I get it, like, I’ve had male coaches, and I’ve loved them. But there’s just this block, because they just don’t big, they can’t relate to certain things, right? Like, if I was up with my baby for all of the night, like my day is gonna look a little bit different. And so just having that, that relatability to women of like, if I can do it, you can do it too. And here’s how I’ve done it. And here’s how I can help you just give them more hope of like, we can do this, like, I know, this is a hard season for you. But if you do desire to grow business, we can do it in a very sustainable, scalable field good way, learn from my mistakes, and then help them so those are definitely two really big markets that we support. And then from there, just really like anyone that has truly felt like they, they haven’t found their place online. Like they’re kind of doing things alone. And we love creating community. It’s one of the things that I feel like we’re really, really good at just so naturally, like we have all of these safe containers for women to come in and be open and honest and practice their social media skills, brainstorm ideas, all of the things and so anyone that feels different at the end of the day, whether they identify in those two categories or not, we just love to pour into because everyone deserves well. Truly it is our birthright to have as much money as we desire and have, more importantly the life that we desire. And sometimes we just don’t know, the how. And if someone can come in just kind of like a recipe, right? Like, hey, let’s make some brownies. Here’s exactly how we can make the brownies and we can tweak the recipe right like and but we can do it together. And I just I don’t want women to struggle for success. There’s another way and I just love being that safe space for them.

Rita Suzanne 09:36
So do you have a core offer? Or do you have different ones based on the where they are when they’re coming to you?

Nellie Corriveau 09:45
Yeah, so our core offer is our what we call our inner circle mastermind. It’s a year commitment and I love being in that container. It is where I spend the most of my time because those people are committing to long term mentorship and and they are all they are at all different levels of their business. But the one commonality is there, they want to grow, and they don’t want to do it alone. And like witnessing, it’s our longest standing program witnessing their quantum leaps, their, you know, breakthroughs that they have. It’s just beautiful. Like we’ve had so much success in that program. And equally we have, you know, other offers memberships, we’re constantly creating new things and listening to our market. But really like, where we spend the most time is in that mastermind. And then everything is more like Netflix style, if you will, like you can buy it, you can watch it, you can consume it. And it’s all basically self led at that point, which is still great. Like, I read books, well listened, not read, listened to books and gotten so much great value, and the author doesn’t know who I am. So like, I love creating resources. And we have so much free content too. But I love creating resources for women, just because that one little like, nugget of information can spark a whole offer for them a whole, like, epiphany for them. So we, I don’t want women to discount like I can’t, I’m not ready for you know, long term mentorship, I’m not just there yet, whether it be financially, emotionally, any of those things. We offer scholarships for different programs. So we’re really wanting to change, and transform really the online space, and just be so different and be able to really like close the gap for women from a financial aspect, because even still, to this day, women are under earning, but overworking and corporates not doing much about that. And so a lot of women are getting really curious of like, what can I do on my own. And so I have so many visions for where we take this movement to really make a mark, and a big splash on this online space more than I’m seeing anyone else do. And I feel like it’s what we’re meant to do. Like, no, no one else is not doing anything wrong. It’s just like, this is our place. And I know it wholeheartedly and it’s like, sometimes, like last night, I could barely sleep because I was just so excited. Like, you need some sleep, like turn your brain off. But I’m just truly like, so excited for how we can support women. And I know there’s women listening to podcasts having a hard time they’re, they’re crying in their car, like, it feels heavy. And I just I want to be that bright light for them and be like, Oh my gosh, you’re exactly what we’ve been. I’ve been praying for looking for hoping for all the things.

Rita Suzanne 12:46
Yeah, I think that it’s really easy to hone in and focus in on one group. But and so like, for me, I love working with single moms, especially single moms or moms who aren’t supported, you know, meaning like maybe they have their own business, and their spouse doesn’t support them, or their family is telling them they need to go back and get a job because that happened to me.

Nellie Corriveau 13:13
Yes, it’s real. Like, it’s so real. What did you do in that moment? Like, did you question like,

Rita Suzanne 13:20
no, because I’m so stubborn. I was like, No,

Nellie Corriveau 13:24
you’re like, Nope, not gonna do it. I’m staying, I’m gonna continue to be an entrepreneur, like I and that’s like a lot of other people’s limiting beliefs, right, their money stories, their money blocks. And like, sometimes, I think the most, a lot of times it’s very innocent, but like, people don’t know that that can really cause you know, a woman to like, start questioning herself and playing small and like, good thing that you are stubborn. And I think stubborn has a bad connotation to it.

Rita Suzanne 13:54
I think you’re all right, you’re

Nellie Corriveau 13:56
determined, absolutely, yes. Determined,

Rita Suzanne 13:59
I love that word in a way to pivot it. And so something that you said reminded me of a lesson that I just recently, I don’t remember where I learned it from. And but it was about creating your mission, right? And a lot of times when you have a mission in mind, it’s very arbitrary. Oh, we help women and you know, empower women, this or that, right? It’s very, it’s just a statement that doesn’t really get your team excited. And something that it made me think about was like, Well, what if your mission was actually something more tangible, and changed mine to where it was like, okay, my mission is to help 100 Women by August, right, help them to really succeed and help them to get that financial stability that they’re looking for and that way, also it gets your team on board with the mission because I think a lot of times, we hire help and our help really doesn’t really know or why they’re doing certain things and I think that that would Help them to get on board. It’s definitely helped me and my team to have something I have. So I have a running list of like women that I’ve actually helped. And, you know, regardless of how small it is, or if they paid me or not, you know. So I think that that’s something important that we all should keep in mind. Like you said, if somebody’s listening to a podcast, and they want to take away with something, maybe take that little nugget or something that Nelly is saying, and you know, use that to help you continue being stubborn.

Nellie Corriveau 15:31
Yes, yeah. Well, it’s one of the trickiest parts of being a content creator. And doing business online, is you have a lot of lurkers, you’re not going to always get the instant validation, that feedback that you’re making a difference. And that can be the biggest mindfuck ever, because you are like, Am I like, Am I making a difference? Is it good enough, like, there’s so many stories that we can start to create of like, when we can really detach from that like, and that takes practice, and I work at it every day. But like, just knowing in your heart, that whoever is meant to listen to this podcast will listen to it, and they’ll listen to it at the exact right time that they need to listen to it. And it’s not our job to, to have to seek that validation, it’s not our job to like, you know, pressure somebody into a sale, our job is to go out and make a difference and know that it will come back to us in all different ways. And it may not be that direct person either, right? Like, so I just from like, all of my years of nonprofit work, like our impact goes beyond I even know like, because some families have, like cancer families, it’s a very dark time. So like, they’re not always going to give that feedback, because they’re, that’s not, we don’t ask that of them. And so, you know, I’m sure there’s so many single moms that you have blessed their life that you may not even know. So I’ve met, you’re already at your 100 like, truly like, but I love this, this specificity. That’s a very big word for me. I love that the goal is just so direct, because from like, a woowoo side, very specific goals really help you go toward a direction of like, okay, how could we support 100? Women? What would that look like? So I love that. And I agree with that so

Rita Suzanne 17:27
much. I feel like a lot of entrepreneurs don’t really set goals that are attainable, really, which is good. You know, you’re you’re constantly striving for something. But they’re their goals. They’re not even in front of them. They set them and then they turn the page and they don’t anymore.

Nellie Corriveau 17:46
Yes, I love like our team thrives on good, better best goals. So not just with launches, but anything that we’re doing, like even getting like results for clients like what would be like, you know, what would be a good benchmark that we could hit like you would be like, really excited about? And then like, what would be the better one, and then the best like, holy shit, I can’t believe this happen. And like, I love that because from like an ADHD standpoint, we tend to have like all or nothing mindset. So if I only focus on the big, audacious goals, they’ll stretch me and grow me, but then it can really create some negative stories in my head of like, Oh, we’re not at our goal yet. I suck, right? Like, and you’re, you’re missing the beauty of like everyone that has said yes, or everyone has that has been getting results. And it’s like, really just like, focusing on the growth as you go can just be so powerful.

Rita Suzanne 18:43
I agree. So why do you think your clients like working with you?

Nellie Corriveau 18:49
Well, I get the feedback. So I’ll just use their words. She has a lot of energy. She’s fun to be around. She gives me act like I’ve gotten, I’ve gotten this feedback a lot. You give me direct customer feedback. I think they were very hands on expecially. In our bigger programs, like the inner circle, most specifically, I’m deep in their business, like they get one on one telegram access to me, and they can literally just like literally hit me up anytime for any reason. And they’re so respectful of that. And I have boundaries around that too. But like if they have a thought or idea or question, it has been a game changer for results for our clients, and really has not taken a ton of my energy. That was one shift that we made a while ago. And so that having that layer of support, I’m able to do that because on calls it can be hard when you have this big container of people I have I as a facilitator, I get to be mindful of the whole group. So when we’re just in a one on one telegram together, I can like ask them follow Got questions and they can be super vulnerable and they feel safe. So it’s like that those are like the top three pieces of feedback that I’ve gotten a ton. And they know that I’m not going anywhere. Like, I’ve been around like, my brand has evolved, but like the people that are my lifers, my writer dies, they just keep evolving with me and growing. And it’s just been so fun to like, see them grow to?

Rita Suzanne 20:23
Yeah, I think that’s more important. I think that now in our industry, we are seeing a lot more of that one to one custom support versus Yes, like, for me, I have telegram but I use boxer and the same Yeah. So they always reach out to me any time. But I can still take my time and get back to them when I can. Yeah,

Nellie Corriveau 20:45
I It’s one of my predictions of this online space, more specifically coaching. People love the community. But there’s just something about that one on one connection, like, it doesn’t even have to take that much of your energy and just can be a game changer. So it’s one of the things that I think every coach should at least offer. And just can create just a great retention for your people.

Rita Suzanne 21:12
Right. And because a lot of times as you know, a coach or consultant or mentor or whatever, we put so much into our clients, but there’s only so much that they can give via email or even like Halwai sometimes when you’re in group calls, people don’t want to ask questions, or they don’t hear specifics about personal situations. Yes,

Nellie Corriveau 21:35
agree. Yes. So it’s like that it’s the best of both worlds, because I think people really, they love group because we’re so alone as an entrepreneur typically. So they do crave that community. And then the results come from, like the learning the implementing the feedback. So just like making sure that like, we have those layers. And obviously, we want to be mindful of like the price point too. So like in a lower ticket offer, I’ve have a q&a form that they fill out. And then I go live once a week, and that feels really good for the energy exchange in that program. So they still have a little bit of access at the price point. And then it helps, you know, motivate them to be like, Okay, now I want more. And that’s been exciting to to see them feel empowered, that they’re ready and craving the next step. And we are ready for them when they

Rita Suzanne 22:29
are perfect. So what is your favorite thing about what you do?

Nellie Corriveau 22:34
Oh my gosh, I like a pickle. And I love teaching, whether it’s free paid, you can be literally on a live and never spent $1 with me and I will give you just as much as I can to somebody that’s spending 1000s and 1000s of dollars. So I just love the teaching aspect and just truly helping women see and own their power. Because they already have it inside of them. Like I’m not doing anything special. And I mean that in the best way possible. My job is to create the safe container for you to literally look in the mirror and be like, I’m a fucking badass, like, I get to raise my prices, I get to, you know, dress the way I want to dress like we do so much more than just business here and and I love just witnessing selfishly I love witnessing everyone’s transformations big and small. And it’s just so fun. Like I live vicariously through everyone that we work with.

Rita Suzanne 23:37
Yeah, I think that you know, confidence and then getting over that imposter syndrome and all of these other things is so important. And it’s but it can be so hard for us especially hard. Like you said, not getting that validation when you’re doing things online. And people aren’t replying and you know, yeah, it’s really hard. Like for me, personally like switching from being a service provider to teaching and now being more productized it is a huge difference. But it opened up so much space for me that I needed and a lot of different ways and ways that I’m able to focus more on my marketing than I ever was before. So like,

Nellie Corriveau 24:24
that’s a huge investment. Like you can never in my opinion, do too much marketing like because marketing is always shifting and changing people’s needs, how they are consuming content. So like that could be the most challenging part about marketing is like we can never do enough which can just again be like ah, like, it never ends but like it is like how you position it of like, okay, what’s the most important marketing pieces that I can double down on and then when I do have more time like you then I’m going to add in the more wishlist items the long Are two marketing strategies. So it’s just like really like, fascinating to me to really look at marketing and a different lens and, and look at business and as a whole, because impostor syndrome is going to be there every new level, like, I remember when I was terrified to invest $100 In a coach like, and now I’ve done 50,000 like so. And I’m like, Oh, we’ve got this, like, we can do this. And so it’s like, every, but like, I wasn’t ready for that moment, five years ago. So it’s like, just acknowledging that like, this is such a journey, and you’re growing and like how we talked about earlier. Like, it’s such a personal growth journey. And I love the quote, like your business cannot outgrow you. So the more you prioritize your personal growth, your healing your self care, like, it sounds so cliche, but it legitimately is the holy grail, to building a super juicy, sustainable, scalable business that you actually love. Like, you can still build the business, a big business and be burnt out and make a ton of money. But like, that’s why I think so many moms especially avoid it, because they think that that’s the only way. And because they see all of these very masculine public figures. And it’s, it’s different for them. And so I just love showcasing that’s my most like, I promised myself when Emma was a baby, because it like I’ve had postpartum anxiety and depression both times. And it looks different for each child, it looks different for each person at every mom. And I’ve just been like, more open about it this time and sharing with my team, my clients, the world as much as I feel called to. And like, I think women think that in order to like, have wealth, they need to sacrifice their self care, their family, their values, their morals, like, and there’s just a different way. And I promised myself when Emma was little like, I’m going to show as much as I can, in real time and be super transparent, real role, whatever that looks like. And I think that’s what my audience loves the most, I think, like, I’m just showing up as me like, statistically, I should not have the level of business that I do, based on all the stats. So like, it has to be, because of just truly like that connection piece for me. And like you don’t need, you don’t need big numbers to build a beautiful big business. So like from a marketing standpoint, like don’t chase, you know, going viral, don’t chase, you know, I have to spend, you know, $50,000 on ads, or any of those things like you can do this in a way that like meets your needs and continues to grow with you. And I just think that’s important to have that conversation more and more.

Rita Suzanne 28:05
Yeah. So last question is, are you reading anything, reading or listening to anything currently that you want to or that you could share?

Nellie Corriveau 28:15
Yeah, this is such a good call out. So I’m a, I am a closet nerd, maybe not so much closet. But I typically do enjoy audible. However, I’m investing in a few big coaches right now. And so I get a lot of access to their trainings. And so I’ve just made the shift of like, I’m investing in these coaches, I want to consume everything I possibly can. So I’m listening to their podcasts, I have their course on auto like replay, like, just even if I’m not fully paying attention. I am. I know, it’s getting in my subconscious. And so that was just a shift that I made this year of like, I love Audible, I still add like books that I want to read and listen to on there. But I feel so connected to these two coaches, that I just want to consume everything because they have the business that I want to have in the lifestyle that like the next level lifestyle that I desire. And so I’m like, the more I can hang out with them, right? Like you’re the some of the people that you spend the most time with. So if I have them in both of my ears all day long, then it’s game over. Like it’s gonna be so good. So I just feel that like connection to them, even if we’re not physically on a zoom or talking. So it’s just it’s making everything up. Everything else so much sweeter. And that’s like my advice to anyone that’s investing in coaching. It blows my mind when people invest and then they like, just don’t show up and I’m just like, you’re spending your precious money. Like you also get to be self led like and everyone has a different experience and they want different things from different containers but like, I just encourage people that are investing like as much as you can in the way that it feels good to you. Just like can I’m involved in, because even if you can soak up 25% of that person’s knowledge, like, you are going to fast track your way to success like, seriously, it’s mind blowing to me in the best way possible. Love it.

Rita Suzanne 30:15
Well, thank you so much for being on. It’s been such a pleasure chatting with you again,

Nellie Corriveau 30:20
always and for just all the bombs out there. Just keep going. I see you I feel you so much. Like you’ve got this you can do it. You truly can. And where can they find you online? Yeah, so we always send everyone to the wealthy Queen that has free resources on there. All of our social social is like a really easy home base for everything so people can choose their own adventure of how they want to hang out with us.

Rita Suzanne 30:46
Oh, I love that. All right. Thanks again, Nellie.

Nellie Corriveau 30:49
Absolutely Rita.

Rita Suzanne  30:51

And there you have it. I want to encourage you to remember that being a mom who runs her own business is not easy. We all struggle, but just keep moving forward. And don’t forget to make time for yourself. As moms we are usually the first thing to go to the bottom of the list. If your business is overwhelming you and you need real solutions, not just some sugar coated suggestions apply to work with me at

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