Becoming the CEO Mom You Were Meant to Be with Yael Bendahan

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In this episode of the Mom Owned and Operated podcast, Rita Suzanne and Yael Bendahan discuss raising a family, running a business and remembering yourself.

Yael Bendahan is a marketing and visibility coach for mom entrepreneurs who want to create consistently growing income and hit 6-figures PLUS with simple, scalable, productized offers. She grew her own business from zero to 6-figures within 2 years and specializes in helping her clients unblock the mindsets that are holding them back and create businesses that are aligned with their lives and families with her proven CEO MOMS Method – simple offers, simple marketing, and simple systems! Yael is a NY expat, book-lover and fandom geek and lives in Israel with her husband and 5 (almost 6) kiddos!

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Yael Bendahan, Rita Suzanne

Rita Suzanne  00:01

Welcome to the Mom Owned and Operated Podcast, the podcast about moms and for moms, where we have candid conversations about running a business, raising a family, and remembering ourselves. I’m your host, Rita Suzanne, a single mom of four, digital strategist and provider of no nonsense business strategies and tactics. Hi, I’m Rita Suzanne.

And today I have my guest, Yael with me. Yael, I’m so excited to chat with you some more and get to know more about you, your business and your family. Would you please give us a quick introduction and tell us more about you?

Yael Bendahan  00:44

Sure. Okay. So hi, I’m Yael Bendahan. I am a New York expat. I live in Israel now. And I am a mom of five kids and have another one currently on the way. I started my business. Ooh, back in 2018, the 2017 I think, when my husband was like, Oh, we have four kids and only one income. And I think we need another one. And I was like, Okay, well, I didn’t even graduate high school. What do you want for me and I started down this journey of trying out all these different things I did like photography and cake decorating and gift basket making. And finally I was like, maybe I can find something to do. I started like, looking on Pinterest for like, work at home ideas for moms. And, and the idea of blogging actually came up and I was like, Oh, I could be a mommy blogger. So I learned all the skills to blog, which was great. And then I start a blog, and I realized that a blog is not going to be a income strategy anytime soon. Like it takes time for this to grow. So my friend said to me, like, Well, why don’t you just become a virtual assistant for Blogger, since you know, all this stuff anyway. And I started that I got my first client in a Facebook group. I was so excited. It was like $15 An hour and I was like, checking me out. I’m like, a freaking tycoon. And, like, I was making, like, $300 a month and I was like, $300 a month. You know, it was it was like, from dollars to shekels, it was a big deal. So I was like, it was it was it was significant enough that I was really excited. I remember saying to my mom at the time, like, you know, I got like another couple clients like this, I can make it like $1,000 a month. And she goes wow, that is like incredible, you know, you know you with your lack of any sort of higher education. Like that’s so exciting. So. So I ended up becoming a virtual assistant for bloggers, I started doing social media for them. Then I realized that actual businesses paid more for social media than bloggers then moved into doing more of that, like more speaking to business owners, rather than bloggers, and started learning just all the stuff about online marketing and just completely fell in love with, you know, ads and funnels and offers and launches and all that kind of stuff. I did funnel I did like funnel building and ads and strategy launch strategy, up until my daughter was born. So in 2020, I kind of shifted over. I actually shifted into productizing my services more until then I was trying to build this like all inclusive agency, which I realized after a while I didn’t actually want like my whole deal was like this million dollar agency because that’s what people in my world were doing. And I realized I don’t actually want that. I don’t want to deal with more team. I have enough team at home to deal with and people that I have to like boss around. I’m like, I don’t need a lot more of these people like this is not this is not for me. So I started I lean more into productized services, doing more launch strategy, launch copy, and things like that. And I started adding on coaching in 2020 this was like during COVID all for my kids were home, I was pregnant with my daughter. And I was like I need something else. I need to shift into something else because like this is just not working for me with like my timezone I’m seven hours ahead of Eastern. So I was like, I just was getting tired. I was just getting burnt out from like doing sales calls late at night and just, you know, working on other clients timelines and the practice services were really helping. But I also realized I really enjoyed teaching. So in 2020 when I had her in July, I officially like closed down the service side of my business. I moved entirely into coaching. At the end of that year, I launched my first like, no, actually, you know, I launched my first coaching program in March 2020. And then I like revamped it made it a whole official thing had an actual webinar for it relaunch at the end of 2020 like December 2020 I got my first head a 30k launch for that for that program. And then it that’s that’s what it’s been since then I’ve been coaching moms to to build their own six figure service based businesses without burning out. Because I learned I did it. I did the burnout way first and then I did it the non burnout way and I figured out how to do the number in that way. And that’s what I helped them do.

Rita Suzanne  04:57

Yeah, that’s a lot. Is a lot Yum, pardon me to do any type of service, right? Like, I don’t think that it’s a long term thing for a lot of people. You know, I was a web designer for forever. And so I started, I think, in 2020 was when I decided like, Okay, I don’t think that I can do services anymore. It’s just so draining for me. And, you know, especially when you have a lot of kids, so I can’t imagine having five kids, especially with a newborn, and then launching a new service and having that, I guess, insecurity of switching over and pivoting, because a lot of time the pivot is so hard and so stressful. Would you say that? Or Did did you feel like it came easy to you?

Yael Bendahan  05:55

Oo, so it actually wasn’t the actual services that was as much the issue for me, it was just the, because of my timezone. I just found that it was very hard for me to be on my clients timelines, the way that like they needed me to be. And I do think that you can do services in ways that don’t burn you out, like I’ve still done like VIP days, I build content strategies for people, and I’ve done like book launch strategies, people like, that is my own, you know, I still have done copy, I did copy, you know, occasionally, like for other people, like over the, over the years, but it’s, it’s, I’m able to, I’m able to do it, like, kind of, like on my terms, so to speak. And I really do think that even with web design, or something like you can create, you can do it in a way that like, it’s your party. And I think very often, service providers go into providing services with kind of still like a little bit of an employee mentality a little bit. So it’s like, okay, but what do you need and whatever, but you need this by that and how can we do this. And so it becomes it does become very draining because you are, you’re, you’re you’re you’re running your own business, but you’re acting toward your clients little bit like, like they like they, they’re your boss. And I think and I and I work really hard. Like, that’s what my my whole program is called CEO mom, Academy, CEO mastermind, because it’s about being the CEO of your business, being the CEO of your home. Also, because I have to run my house like, like a CEO, I have a whole team, I train them in. Not every everyone does everything perfectly, but like it needs to happen, if everything if everything needs to get done. But I also I didn’t kind of jump straight from one thing to the other. I added on. Ooh, so January 2020, was my lowest month probably like over a year, at least. I made like $2,000 Because I was my first trimester of pregnancy, I was so sick. I also like fell into depression, because I have a tendency towards that. And it was a really, really, really hard period. So I basically went like, completely radio silent on social media, and I stopped promoting anything, I was just my friends really like doing it reaching out to me, like, are you alive, like what is going on with you. And I realized that like, the way I was running, my business was not sustainable. Because if I was not working all the time, I would not make any money. And I was like, well, I need to set something up. That enables me to make money, even if I’m not working if something like this happens again, right? Or if I have a baby, which I will be in six months. And so and so at that point, I switched from doing like all the things I was offering funnel building and, and doing launches and ads and all this kind of stuff. And I said I’m doing launch strategy and launch copy. That is what I’m doing. You plan out your whole launch will work on the time was working everything I will write all your copy for you. And that is where my job ends. I was like, and it was it was so relaxing for me. And so February ended up being a 15k Cash month. And then in March, I launched my first group program, which was a three month group program, which ended up being a 20k Cash month with a mix of the services and the coaching. And I continued to mix the two until July when I had her. Then in July, I actually sold my first mastermind to the people who were in my coaching program, I got three women in and then I also had a bunch of payment plans coming in from other stuff that I’ve been selling throughout the time. And I and that was like my first mastermind it was so it was so exciting. It was the best thing ever. I I’m still talking to one of the one of those women right now is the copy coach in my current my current mastermind so she’s amazing. And, and so it wasn’t like this like switch like this. I was able to kind of while I was still doing the services. I was like inching into that world of coaching and teaching and so it didn’t feel so scary because I was like oh I already proved that I could do it you know and so it was it was scary to let go entirely of the service I’m not it was it was it was like that was like I know I can make money that way like that. For me selling services it’s funny I I don’t sell serve I don’t sell coaching on on sales calls like I don’t really do coach I’ve now think I’ve ever sold coaching and a sales call ever actually. I’ve always done it in the DMS because literally when I sold my program, it was March. It was March 2020. So it was like around before Passover. Time and I didn’t have time to get on calls with anyone cuz I was busy cleaning my house. So I was just like, Listen, if you have any questions, please just DM me, here’s the link. And I’m happy to chat back and forth with you on voice notes. Before I even knew DM selling was a thing, by the way, I was like, I just don’t have, I don’t have time to get on a sales call. But like, I’m happy to go back and forth as much as you need to discuss it. Right. And I got a whole bunch of women into there, I think it was like between seven and 10, I forgot exactly how many and and I was like, Oh, this is cool. I don’t even need to do sales calls for this. So I actually, the services was something like I knew how to do the coaching was a little bit newer, but because of that I was able to just like, ease into it. And so when I had that big launch, I actually joined a coaching program to help me build that whole high ticket, sales, sales, ecosystem, whatever, that whole system. I joined it in October. Yeah, it was like 20k. I paid in full. And then and I made like, I made my money back, like one and a half X, like by December. You know, I think it was eight weeks later. So. So I that was a really it was really great validation, though, like, okay, so I know I have something people need people want. And and I know I can sell it. And so I didn’t really look back from there.

Rita Suzanne  11:09

I think that I will like I don’t want to say what is the word, I will just basically get on here and talk about how, as a service provider having just straight services was the worst thing for me world. However, when I pivoted and started doing VIP days, that was when I started making the most money I had ever made. And so I can just validate that VIP days, if you’re a service provider, best best thing to do, right best way to go. And now because I was so successful in like doing VIP days, like I teach people how to make their own offers into VIP days, because of how I think it just changed my whole it just changed my whole life doing the VIP days because otherwise I was I was dying. I was drowning in client work, right? Because like you mentioned, I had basically that mentality that I think a lot of women have when they first started their businesses, there’s a lot of people pleasing in there. There’s no boundaries, because you want to make the client happy. And so even though the client seems happy, if they ask for something else, you don’t say, okay, yeah, I can do that. But it’s going to cost you extra, you just do it, right, please suck it up, and you do it. And then at the same time, you don’t have just one boss, you have about 15 bosses. And all those bosses are at the same time screaming to you like I want my thing I want my thing, you know, but you can’t, you know, it’s hard to juggle all of those. And then simultaneously, you need to be looking for more clients, right? Because you need to have that income continuously coming in. And so once I had started doing the VIP days, I think it was in 2019, then I started doing them, they tremendously changed my business and my life, you know, as a whole. So I can definitely, like if you’re going to do any type of service, I think that VIP days are the way to go in order to retain your dignity, especially if you have children and multiple responsibilities.

Yael Bendahan  13:31

Yeah, no, I totally hear that. That’s why I basically teach productized services, which is essentially like, like, I think that people also get like very nervous. I think also, I had clients who are like very creative, right? And like, they’re like, I cannot, I can’t be creative in a day. Like I need time to like percolate and think and I’m like, Okay, so do a week, or do a month, right, but having a very designated like, block, whatever that block is, that is productized. Like, this is what you get. And this is how you get it, you can add on this or add on that if you want to, and you’re gonna pay for it. Right. But it’s very, very specific. And in a very, very specific timeline. Because when you have this and I think the timeline is the most important thing, no matter what that is, whether it’s a day, whether it’s a week, right? Because that timeline gives you It also gives you the ability to figure out how many clients you can hold at a time. And you know, how to charge accordingly for that, and also give the clients like, Do you know how how many times you just sit and sit and wait for a client to get back to you to approve something? Or like just give you the copy for this or give you the copy for that or be like, you know, and you’re just like, you know, if you’re like, Listen, I’m giving you like this week, right? So this has to be done by this week. So you need to be available to answer my questions. During this week. I’m going to be available to look at the stuff within 24 hours. Right? And so it will also the client will value your time more as well because you’re you’re creating that boundary for them. So yeah, I totally, I totally agree. Like I don’t even know I still do VIP days and I couldn’t do them anymore because I had a baby. I started doing like a split VIP day where I do an intro call one eat thing, and then I will do all the work the next day while you know, while she was around, I had her home with me for the first year, that was my best year of business like to date until then, like I made almost 200k That year, and I was working like maybe two to four hours day. And she was home with me the whole time, right. So I would just get my work done throughout the day. And then we’d have a wrap up call the next evening. And so it was like a 24 hour period. But it was like a straight full day, because that was what worked for my timezone. That was what worked for my life. So I think that you can be really creative about it and still be able to keep really firm boundaries, that that feel really good to you and work with your schedule and work with your life. Yeah,

Rita Suzanne  15:34

and I agree, like, if you can’t split it up, I have clients where I’ve split it up and made it a week or seeming like a week. But what I, you know, have tried to say is like, for me, I will do my strategy call like, seven days prior to their actual start date. And during that strategy call, like, I’ve already gotten all of their stuff that they need to turn in, and all of the things, all the images and all of this stuff. So during the strategy, like we’re just reviewing it, that I feel like for me, gave me enough time to kind of digest everything. And then when that VIP days happened, then I was able to like do the work. And my clients were, you know, available to give me feedback right away that day, because we had scheduled that time to be together. And I think that other than that it was you know, before when I was just working in services in the wild, it was you know, you wait two or three days for some feedback. And by then you’ve kind of lost momentum and moved on to another client. And so whoever thought of you know, putting VIP days into a service was a genius. And I you know, has definitely changed my life. So I was looking over your services or your groups earlier. And so I’m wondering, what is the difference between the CEO, mom mastermind and the Academy? What’s the difference? Yeah,

Yael Bendahan  17:11

it’s very, very easy difference. So the CLM Academy is more for service providers who are more like the one to three km month level that typically are either a virtual assistants who are selling like hourly packages, or like, I do all these things. You know, and just kind of like, you know, they don’t they, they’re, they’re, they’re booked out, technical, I did the thing with the balloon, they’re booked out, I almost did it. They’re technically like booked out, but they’re still not hitting their income goals, because they just hit their hourly cabin, I think like, especially especially for moms, okay, like you cannot work hourly, because you will not have enough hours to make the money that you want to make, unless you’re charging like $5 an hour, which, you know, whatever. Like, I really, really feel that like I’m very, very, very against that. So the SEO Academy teaches them how to turn their services, create a signature offer, get really clear on the messaging and the ideal client with a signature offer, turn it into a productized, you know, turn their service into a productized service and be known for a very specific thing. And that they can book themselves out without burning out and still be able to hit their income goals. So they, you know, hold, you know, two clients a month, but if each client is $5,000, instead of, you know, $1,000, then they don’t need to be like, Oh, my god like this is this is too much I can’t right. So the CLM Academy is worth teaching them how to upgrade their services, and how to market consistently how to how to get their message across how to just upgrade their mindset and their offers to speak to more premium buyer in general. And the CMO mastermind is for those women who already have, they’re already making money, they want to make money, they’ve maybe had 5k 10k ones already, they just wanna be more consistently want to expand beyond that. So they’re like, Okay, I know that I can sell services, I’ve done that already. But now I want to make some money. Without selling services, you know, maybe I want to have a membership or I want to launch a course or I want to I want to expand past that maybe start coaching or for one to one coaches, they’re like I want to start you know, maybe launch a group program or create some funnels. So the CEO, my mastermind is much more the Academy’s much more like curriculum based with a mastermind is much more customized to where Okay, where are you now? What is your goal? How can we work this around your lifestyle? The CMA CMA, the academy is also around your lifestyle, because you’re gonna decide, like, I actually give like 10 of my favorite types of offers for moms to offer in there, that like, depending on your audience size, and depending on how much childcare you have available, like I literally, like break it down like that, because I’m like, you have to decide which ones actually makes sense. And you can be like, oh, I want to do VIP days. But I can assure you with a newborn you cannot do VIP days. I tried it, I did it was like never again. So you need to know you just need to know what makes sense for you. And, and then you know, the goals for the people from the Academy to get to the place to place to the mastermind to be able to move up to there. So, yeah, so it’s definitely like it’s a two stage sort of thing. I

Rita Suzanne  20:04

love that you that you break it down into audience size too, because I think that’s important for people to realize, like, you know, creating products and coaching programs is, is great, but more so like, let’s focus on products for a second, you can create a bunch of digital products. But if you don’t have an audience for that, then it’s going to be hard for you to sell. And then that’s going to be really discouraging, I think it’s taking into account like how big your audiences then and then creating the products or services or offers that kind of coincide with them is really strategic and very smart.

Yael Bendahan  20:46

Thank you. No, and I actually I actually do teach them when, like, from like, like I have them from like, once they know what their signature offer is. And they’re really, really clear on that they’re really clear of the messaging, I do have them create a front end lead funnel for that. And I’m because I’m like, do as I say, not as I did, as a service provider, I didn’t work on growing my email list. And I sincerely regret that because there were so many years that could have been growing it and I didn’t write, but um, I think that you can, I think, I think you can make six figures very relatively easily with a very small audience. Like, I don’t think you need a big audience to make six figures. But if you do want to scale beyond that, and especially if you do want to add things like memberships or lower ticket products, or even a course I cannot even begin to like oh my god, the amount of people who are like, Oh, just you know, have a six figure business and launch a course. Like you can’t launch a course, like I had a client who was like, What is California seven course. And I want to make $10,000 a month. And I was like, Okay, let’s do some numbers here. Let’s do some numbers here. Because I’m like, first of all, if you need $10,000 A month, that means you’re selling 20 courses with at least right? And you need to spend money on ads, probably because your audience is not very big. And you get in front of more people. Yes. Okay, great to how much money you spending on ads is $10,000, before or after ad spend, right? And so that will exclude the actual need to make more than 20 sales. And, you know, if you’re doing a webinar, how do people need to come into that webinar? And like, brought it back or like, okay, she needed like, I don’t know, 10,000 people a month to like, see her to see her webinar page, right, right, where she like, hit her like, 10,000 goal, like above and above and beyond adspend, right. And so. So I really think that like the best, the best thing I personally think the best thing to do is to start off with services, a productize service with boundaries, right, very specifically geared towards a premium buyer. Use that as your financial foundation. And once you are, you have that financial foundation, and you’re growing your list, because you’re you know, you’re known for something you have a signature offer, you have a lead magnet, you’re getting in front of more people, you’re are growing your email list, amazing, then launch the course and validate it not in a place where you’re like, Oh my God, if I don’t sell this course, I’m not going to pay my mortgage, right? Like, no, it’s fine. I have the money. I’m validating the course. Oh, it did really well. Amazing. Now I can maybe start running ads to it. Right. So I do think that that is that makes the most sense. If you’re a mom, especially because you need to have a financial security, to take to take risks. Like if you want to put yourself out there, you want to launch them and you do something new, I really do think that like, we’re not the same as a single woman who’s like, oh, I’ll just take my last money and fly to Bali. And you know, and then we’ll see how it goes from there. Right? Like we have people to take care of, and we have responsibilities. And so it’s gonna be very hard to be like, Okay, if I launch this, and I break even, it’s okay, because I validated the offer. And now I can launch it again, right? Like, it can be very hard to be covered on that if you’re depending on that for your main income. Whereas if you already have the foundation of the services, you’re really able to add on the other stuff without feeling like freaked out and like oh, my god, like this isn’t working so. So I feel really strongly about that. Like, please don’t start with.

Rita Suzanne  23:59

I think that’s, that’s very important. And then too, I remember when I started, I started in, you know, 2014. And I always wanted to teach, right, and that was my main goal. But in my mind, I said, I can’t teach something that I don’t really know. Right? So how can I teach somebody how to do let’s just say web design, because that’s what I was doing. If I don’t really know the ins and outs of running a website design business, you know, so I thought to myself, well, you just need to get in there and get in the trenches, learn it. And then once you learn it, and you’re more comfortable, then you can start teaching. And I think that oftentimes, some people who I’ve seen will come in and start trying to teach right away and it’s like, well, what kind of business have you had, like, what? What have you done? Besides, you know, have a job? I don’t Yeah, I don’t understand. Like, you don’t really have the experience in this field necessarily. Ladies in order to sell Yeah, I

Yael Bendahan  25:02

mean the first the first product is product I sold a masterclass the first master class I sold. And this was like, this was a huge thing for me because I was the first time I sold something and like it didn’t take like the work of my hands to deliver it afterwards, which was so exciting. I sold the $97 LinkedIn masterclass about how to get generate leads on LinkedIn, because I’ve been generating leads on LinkedIn for like two years. And that was where I’m getting a lot of my clients like they were coming from either Facebook groups, referrals or LinkedIn, those are my three main places. And so I was like, I should do a barstool class on this. And I, I did it I launched it properly. My email list was very, I mean, I don’t think it was more than 500 people probably less than that. I don’t think it was, it was a lot. It was the business of like, in June 2019. I think I launched my list. I launched it on Facebook, too. He’s like, yes, buy it. 20 people bought it. I mean, $2,000 in two hours, basically of work. And I was like, This is so cool. It was like it was like such like, it was such an epiphany. I’m like, wow, people will actually pay me for like my information. And then that November literally right after I found out I was pregnant, my daughter. I just turned I took the masterclass turned into like a mini course, added a bunch of bonuses sold it for Black Friday, I forgot that I forgot that it was Black Friday, because I was here in Israel is thanks to big deal here. And my sister just gotten married that week. So I was like totally like, I’m like, I’m gonna I’m gonna have this out by the end of November. And I’m like, shoot, that’s the end of November. And then I realized just Black Friday on Friday, and I’m like, shoot, no one’s gonna buy this because it’s gonna get lost. And like the Black Friday inbox is like, whatever. I made $4,000 In one week from a $37 masterclass. And I think there’s like a 9777 or $97 upsell. And I was like, oh my god, like, wow, like, this is like actually working. This is actually working. And I was, that was when I first and I think that was what gave me the idea. This was a justice just got pregnant. And when I kind of emerge from like that first semester fog, I was like, okay, but like, yes, I’ve been selling services, but people will pay me for write my brain. And that was a big, it’s a big mental shift for people, especially for service providers. It is very, very hard to do that mental shift from saying, oh, people pay me for the work of my hands, which makes sense. Like mentally it makes sense to them, then go into like, oh, people just pay me for just my brain, you know, right. You just tell them stuff. And they’ll pay me for that. Right? And it was it was a really huge that was like a huge mental everything. But

Rita Suzanne  27:17

I’m sure and I think that this, this goes hand in hand, it builds up your confidence, right? And so selling the first product at 97. You were like, okay, like, I can do this. This is Yeah. And then you said, Okay, I’m gonna do it again. And I’m gonna do it again, when I’m gonna do it again. And I think that that’s what happens like, and oftentimes, so have you noticed this where people will try, they’ll make this whole big thing, right? And they’ll try to sell it, and then it flops. And then they’re like, oh, shoot, what do I do? You know, those, right? And then they they try to pivot and then the next pivot fails, and then their confidence starts to get waned in. And, and I think that that’s another aspect of running an online business, right is because you think, Oh, my gosh, I have this great thing. And I’ve like, come up with the next, the next big thing. And then it just is like, wow, you know, and, and I think that, you know, that’s a reality of our business, too, is like, if you’re not necessarily going no matter how big your audiences is, like, there are going to be the bad times and there’s going to be the good times and the good in hopefully, there’s going to be more good. And that’s going to boost your confidence in order to get past all of the the other failures that may happen as well. Yeah,

Yael Bendahan  28:41

for sure. And I think especially now, right now, in 2020. For number one, there’s so many more people in the online space. And there were like, a few years ago because of 2020. Right? People were like people quit their jobs or got fired and went online or like, oh, we can start an online business. So many of those, like just faded out. Right. And some of them just stayed and it was you know, and so there is a lot more there’s a lot more people in the market there. There’s also AI is a big thing now, right? So we were like, Oh, we can do everything with AI. I hate I freaking hate to pt. And I’m like, I use it occasionally like I’ll use like, actually use clawed more than then trying to use it to like, summarize my face by old Facebook Lives, I can turn them into if they want to rerecord them as podcasts like, I’ll take a take this video, please summarize it for me. So I can just take this outline and then just rerecord it again, but I really, really do believe so because of that. I think that messaging has to be so much more clear and so much more on point, right? You’re saying 10k months is not going to be enough anymore? Because everyone’s saying 10k months and like, especially these like these MRR like those courses that everyone’s like, Oh, I made $2 million in the past six months. Oh my god. I don’t think you did. Because I’m pretty sure that the the people who taught them this were like, Yeah, I use my results to sell this. Right and I have a feeling there’s one thing I didn’t I didn’t buy it. So I couldn’t tell you but I have a feeling like there can be so many people who made a million dollars in six months selling the same course. Like it’s impossible. Like it’s literally I don’t know, I don’t see that. So, I think that things are people are savvier. Okay, so they are not buying as quickly as they used to anymore. So I definitely had like flops and like I’ve done, I did a birthday sale last year. And it was like, well, like, you know, like, if you sales, nothing like, you know, I did a Black Friday sale and a 1422. And that like was like gangbusters, I made like 10, I actually made like, 15k, actually, cuz I made 10k from the actual sale, and then someone upgraded to my, my group program for 5k. So like, that was like, awesome. And I was like, Wow, this works. So well. And I did it again a few months later, and it didn’t work, right. So I think that it really is a matter of like looking at the market, but also being really, really, really clear on how your thing is different. And I’m actually about to I’m going into going into March, I’m doing this challenge called stand out and sell where I teach you how to build your signature framework. Because I’m like, if you have a signature framework, and you can define why this signature framework is different than other things in the market, and why this speaks directly to your perfect person. Right, you will have so much more confident, so much more authority behind your marketing behind your sales, you can get on sales calls, knowing like, this is how you do things, and you do it for a reason. And it’s in this order for a reason. And it’s for this person for a reason, then you have so much more authority, and that comes through, for sure. But definitely like having those, those dips is definitely going to make you a guy No, it definitely made me lose confidence, right? And be like, Oh my God, is there even sell gonna be good to sell anymore. And you know, it’s scary. But I really do think that like, if we stay the course, things, people are still going to fall off because it is not easy. It’s not easy to be an entrepreneur. So I really think that people who really just kind of hold to it, get really clear on their messaging, get really clear on the person you’re speaking to get like really, really specific with a specific situation that they help with. Right, like knowing exactly what their ideal clients day looks like, and exactly how they’re going to change their ideal clients day with their thing, I really think that it’s going to be the thing that really stands out and just being real also, like, because of AI. Like I can spot a chassis with T posts like a mile away, like, a mile away,

Rita Suzanne  32:18

right? So like, as a million emojis in it right emojis and

Yael Bendahan  32:22

words that like no one ever uses unleashed the elevation of the you know, and I’m like, okay, like, yeah, by not even being passive.

Rita Suzanne  32:30

Right? If you’re gonna use something like an AI read over it, I mean, because, you know, I do branding. Now, instead of design, I just focus on branding. And so you know, I will, and I’m not even I, I love AI and, and all of that. And I think it’s helpful for me, because it helps me get an outline, but I don’t rely on it to write all of my stuff. It just really is about encouraging me producing more ideas and things like,

Yael Bendahan  33:01

right, using it as a helper is different than trying to replace yourself entirely. I think you

Rita Suzanne  33:07

can’t you can’t use it to write all of your stuff because it doesn’t make sense. And in then in that case, it won’t connect with your target audience, no matter how much you say, hey, my target audiences mom’s and then it starts adding these weird analogies and metaphor or something, right? Like, what? Like, I would never say that.

Yael Bendahan  33:29

Yeah, no, exactly. And I’m saying I can even I can I see captures, I can tell if they’re, if I can tell is written by AI in the first couple of sentences, I’m, I’m gonna keep reading it. So like, you’ve lost me already. Right? Just like a shame. And so I really, really do think that being a real person, right, and showing the real person behind what you’re doing, showing your face, you know, showing like that you’re, you know, real stories. You know, being imperfect, right? Is ironically, gonna be the thing that’s gonna set you apart. But

Rita Suzanne  34:00

also, I think that people need to start putting out quality content, like when it comes to their products and services and stuff, and actually giving quality versus like, I’ve seen some people’s digital products and I and you know, that was chat GTP or it was, you know, just not put together well, and so I just feel like you know, just offer benefits, and that if that means that you can only produce one product versus the other person’s five shitty ones. A that’s fine. Yours is quality, and that person is probably going to remember yours more than the five Jimmy ones. know

Yael Bendahan  34:42

for sure. And it’s funny. I literally had this conversation with a client like a couple of weeks ago, we were talking about audience growth in the mastermind, and we were upgrading our audience growth plans. And she was like, so I think I’m gonna do a blog post. I’m going to create a new lead magnet every week, or each blog post. And I was like, we were like, what’s that gonna look like? I would rather you create like she has to target audiences just to like kind of separate audiences, like two ideal clients, so to speak. So I was like, I would rather you work really hard and create two really, really great lead magnets, one for this one, one for this one. And then focus your quantity on the content leading towards those things. So you can test different hooks and see what’s working. Like for traffic purposes. But yeah, 100% Listen, I got I got a lead magnet from a very well known coach in the industry, and it was like, promising is like, I’m going to tell you exactly how I made half a million dollars in blah, blah, I’m like, okay, like, tell me how, like, go for free. And I was like, so I download it. And I was so unbelievably underwhelmed. Like, I’ve never been so underwhelmed by lead magnet in my life. And it’s funny, because I liked your content. And her stuff looked intriguing. And I had a she’s like, well, those coaches, I had, like, in the back of my mind, like, maybe I’ll work with her one day, you know, like, maybe not for sure, but maybe this took her completely off the list. I was like, this is the most generic lead magnet I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Like I could have, I could have, I would, I wouldn’t even I would maybe put this out. I don’t even put this out as a blog post. I’m gonna make it as like a piece of social media content that’s gonna disappear in five minutes. But like, I definitely will not be a lead magnet. Because yeah, exactly. Like, I think my best one my best lead magnets is my high ticket offer matrix for moms, which is like when I told you like, it’s a free lesson I took out of my out of SEO Academy with the, with the tent, my 10 favorite offers. And it is a training, which is about half an hour long, walking through all tentatively offers. And it’s a it’s a it’s a matrix, like a worksheet that they can actually fill out for themselves. And like, I would like that, to me should be paid like, it is worth money. Right? And so I want like all my lead magnets to feel like, like they’re worth money. Right?

Rita Suzanne  36:50

And good, right. And that’s what they should be. And I’ve actually purchased stuff purchased from well known coaches purchased, like their little like $30 this or that, and expected it to be, you know, actually valuable like you with your free stuff. And I immediately I was, like, unfollow, like, I have zero interest in her because she lost all credibility for me at this point, because you’re willing to sell this. And one of them was this person, she was walking down the street, and she was streaming something while she’s walking. It was basically a Facebook Live that she then turned around and sold for $29. I was very, very frustrated.

Yael Bendahan  37:41

That is very frustrating. I need something that can listen to, on my phone while doing other things. This has to be like quality audio at the very least, like I need to be able to hear what’s going on. Right? Like, no, and I you know, excited about the production like I will happily like I would bought things from coaches that was like a Google doc turned into a PDF. But it was so valuable. Because that was valuable. They were like, here’s exactly what I did to do this. I’m like, okay, and they gave me exactly how to do that. And I’m like, This is great. And I don’t need a fancy PDF from Canva or whatever. Like, I don’t need that. And I think that people very often get like really hung up on like, oh, and it’s look perfect needs to be this. And I’m like, you really, really don’t like most of my stuff is actually Google Docs, because I’m like, I prefer Google Docs is a lead magnet, honestly, because I can I can download it, I can edit it, I can fill it in. I hate having to print things out. Right. And so it’s not even about like the production, it’s about the content, right? Like,

Rita Suzanne  38:35

is this actually going forward? I don’t know who taught who taught this. But what I think what it is, is like, people have been taught to provide very vague lead magnets so that the download person, whoever’s downloading, will then come to you for the actual step by step. Right? I think that’s what it is. Because a lot of these lead magnets are like that they’re very vague, just you know, very broad strokes, there’s not a lot of value inside of it, it’s stuff that you find for free on the internet, and that’s fine. I’m getting it for free, but in exchange for my email address, right, so that you can then market to me and sell me on something. So because it is an exchange, I expect a little bit more value than something that I could Google and find out in five seconds. Ya

Yael Bendahan  39:28

know, for sure. And I think that people are very much alike, you know, sell the what, you know, I mean, tell the share a lot and sell the how right. And I think that like there has to be a little bit of how in there like there needs to be some and I’ll take the if they give away I don’t think I need to give away everything. You know, I shouldn’t give away everything. But I’m like isn’t even for service providers for example like that is the that’s the easiest thing to sell because you could give the how and does it even matter because people don’t want to know how to do it. If they’re gonna hire you. They want you to do it for them. Like you could be like how I Build this really amazing website. Okay, great. I know, I know, you know how to build these really amazing website. Great. Awesome, please do it for me, right? For coaches and coach creators, it’s a little bit different because like, I don’t want to give away everything right? I don’t want to. That was why I specifically I’m like I’m pulling a free lesson.

Rita Suzanne  40:15

Right, like, Let me have some, like, small takeaway that I can actually implement now and it has to

Yael Bendahan  40:21

be implementable? Yeah. Like I can go and do it. Right. Yeah. Right.

Rita Suzanne  40:25

I was able to take that away. I’m not still I’m definitely not saying don’t do everything for free, you know, or anything like that. But there has to be some value, like come on, has to be something to implement, or if the if there’s not, then you’re probably not a good fit for them anyways. Right?

Yael Bendahan  40:43

For sure. No, and I think I think I’m very lucky because I am in the world of a lot of coaches who do give, who do give really, really good stuff, right. And I and I really tried to model after that and be like, okay, like, how can I, when I download that thing, I felt like it was so worth my email, right? Like, I feel like I would probably pay $10 $20 for this, right, like, so how can I make people feel the same way about my thing. And, again, it’s gonna be a little different. Like, that’s why I’m saying it’s a very, it’s a very, it’s a mental leap from being a service writer to doing coaching, consulting, digital products, because you’re the way you have to think about things. It just, it shifts just mentally shifts for you. That’s why the mastermind, that’s why I had the mastermind is because it’s not going to always be done the same way. Because, you know, one person was like, oh, I want to have a membership, where it’d be like, I want to launch a course. Right? So it’s gonna have to be different for each person, I want to be able to, like, give the room like, I didn’t, I don’t, I don’t do like these group work, like how to launch a course. Right? This is the way to do it. And this is the only way you can do that. Because it’s going to be different for every mom, and I want to be able to, like have this space, I felt like very, I felt very constrained, like CMA used to be like my main curriculum from a main group program, I was feeling very constrained by that curriculum, because I’m like, I, you know, technically right now, I would tell you to probably launch a product you’re doing so well. But launching a product is not in here, because that’s not what this program was about. So like, so that’s where the mastermind gives you more space to be able to coach my clients in a more customized way, like around their specific business. It’d be like, Hey, here’s a thing. And here’s curriculum from another thing, here’s my flash launch, you know, email series, here’s my whatever. And I can pull things in where so it’s much more customized and in depth. Because, yeah, because it’s not, it’s going to be a mental shift, that’s going to take some mindset work as well, to be like, you know, whereas I would say, I mean, case studies work, for sure. But I’ve done Listen, I’ve done case studies. I don’t case study posts, people have still hired me as a coach, because you know, what, they might try to do it what, and I’m gonna, I don’t want to share exactly what I did. Like, I’d be like, here, I had this client, when she was, you know, she had a group program and she wanted to get work. She was not getting enough sales calls book, she had people downloading, you know, signing up for a webinar. And so that was doing really well, but, but she was not getting enough sales calls booked. And she was not making enough sales. So what we did was we looked at her webinar, right, because she her what her conversion rate was great. I’m like, okay, great. The messaging of the front end is fine. But the problem is that the webinar wasn’t converting for a certain reason, whatever, let’s fix this, we fixed a couple things, we fixed the way she pitched, we set up, we set the stage more for the sales call, whatever, she booked, she booked nine clients in one month, the month after that, right? Like, I tell him exactly what I did, and didn’t even matter because it was gonna be different. And everyone’s gonna, you know, it’s not, you can’t take anything that someone else did and do the exact same thing, expect the same result, because you can have a different offering and have different audience. So I really do think you can give things away, you can really give things away to an extent, while still being able to stand in your authority as the expert and still make money.

Rita Suzanne  43:42

For sure. I definitely agree. So let’s, let’s pivot a little and talk about how you are able to run this business and run your you know, raise your family at the same time because you do have a lot going on over there. And then and then kind of managing the timezone difference like how are you able to do all of that and, you know, still be successful at your business. Okay,

Yael Bendahan  44:11

so Well, obviously, like I said, there’s going to be there were years and they were years, right. So like, the year I, the year my daughter was born like it was actually really, really great year and the first year she was helping me. The year after that I had another episode of depression that really like pushed me down for like six months or so like it was a really, really hard. So you have to also understand like you’re going to be a human being and you know, there’s going to be general ups and downs in your life as well. And that will affect your business to an extent. And the best thing you can do is try to set things up, obviously so so things can run without you but you’re not going to always necessarily have that. What I will say is that I have four boys 14, 12, 10 and eight and my daughter who’s three they, my husband works very very, very full time like he’s a paramedic. He worked shifts, so he has not he’s not reliably home at any point, like right now he’s, he’s on a 24 hour shift in the Dead Sea. So like, he left this morning, I’ll see him tomorrow, like, it was just like, you know, so there’s very, it’s very much, me and the kids at home most of the time. So number one is, I always say like running, running your home, like a CEO, right? So I always compare, like teaching kids do chores, like hiring a new virtual assistant. So at the beginning, it’s gonna be really hard, because you can do it better yourself, and you can do it faster yourself. And you’re like, why don’t even do this. And why don’t even try, This is so frustrating. But if you really push through, and you really get through like that over that hump, then it’s going to work out really well for you, because we’re going to know how to do things. And they might not do things exactly the way you would do it the hard to do it like 80% of the way and maybe 70% of the way the way you do it. But at least it’s getting done and you’re not doing it yourself. Right. So I A while ago, like I unsubscribed from putting away my kids laundry. I was like, Okay, this is my new thing. I’m washing the laundry, I’m drying the laundry, each of you get a basket, I’m sorting into your personal baskets, because well you know, you know what happens, right? You do the laundry, there’s this basket like this of like clean, dry clothing in the hallway or something. And in the morning people like I can’t buy my socks, I can’t buy this, and I can’t buy that. So I was like, Okay, we’re not doing that anymore. But I’m also no longer putting away your stuff. So you’re all gonna learn how to fold laundry, I taught them on a whole laundry, they don’t even fold it that well anymore, or whatever else because they just stuff in their drawer and like I don’t even care. Like I don’t see your drawer, I don’t need to be in there. If you want to wear a criminal shirt, like be my guess. But I sorted I dry it. I washed it, I dry it, I put it into their own baskets. That way I know. And they know that if you’re looking for clothes, it’s either in their drawer or in their basket. Yeah. And the only people I fold and put away are my my husband and my daughters. And she’s eventually going to do or you know, fold their own laundry too. So. So like, that’s one thing that I just kind of like, I realized I was getting too overwhelmed just like buy laundry, like laundry felt like it was running my life. And I was like, This is ridiculous. Because I’m not the only person with two hands in this family. So and you know what the fact is, like, look, that’s like the, you know, there’ll be like this, it’s not fair. And you’re the only mother Whoever makes this work. And then no one ever else has ever, ever, ever done anything else. I’m like yesterday, no poor thing for you. My heart bleeds. You know, and I’m like, You know what, like, this is important, because you’re gonna have to learn how to grow up and learn how to do laundry one day, so you may as well learn now. And, you know, also like, things like, I think kids are capable of so much more than you think they are. We assume that they can’t do things, you know, I will say I assume my oldest son can do more things than you know earlier on. Then like, I’ll assume my youngest son can do like my youngest son, like, he just seems so small to me still compared to like my oldest because he’s so much bigger than him. And I’m like, No, but he’s still a little he can’t, you know, make his bed. And then I’m like, of course you can make my son wasn’t my oldest I was making is that when he was eight, why don’t we think he can’t make his bed? So we definitely have different attitudes towards different children. So there is, you know, we have weekly chores, which they kind of rotate through. You know, again, does it get done perfectly all the time, everyone? No, it doesn’t. But like the most part 80% of time does get done and I don’t have to do it. I do a lot of other things. I know I’m cleaning up the house during the day, I do cooking i to make sure all the laundry is in the right place. I think that it’s a really important thing to realize that like, you are not the only person and even if your kids are a little yes, they’re not gonna be so helpful right now. But eventually, you know, like, if you set the standard now that when they’re small that like everyone helps, and everyone pitches into whatever to whatever extent that they can, right, like, then

Rita Suzanne  48:33

I can still clean up, you know, certain they can swing through

Yael Bendahan  48:37

my three year old does clean up, she can clean up her room. Yeah, she makes her own little she makes her bed, you know, with a little blanket. Right? So she, you know, obviously she’s the baby. So she just naturally is less responsibility. But I really think that like, I think that we really, really underestimate our children on the whole. And I think that, yes, they’re gonna complain about it. You know what, like, listen, I grew up, I’m the oldest, I’m the oldest of six. Also, I did a lot of stuff growing up. And I complained about it. And when it came down to it, like, when it came down to it, I don’t know, like, I still can’t see my mother doing stuff and just sit down and watch her do it. Like, I’m gonna always just get up and it’s good. It’s automatic. And I don’t think that that’s the worst thing as a human being and part of society to be like, you know, so. And I don’t feel like taken advantage of as a child or anything. I’m like, Yeah, we’re a family. We all lived in the house. And everyone did their everyone did their jobs. Like that’s just how it works, right? And so, especially because I have boys, especially because of this, I really, really, really want them to, I want to raise them to understand that there’s just jobs that need to get done. And yes, mothers do tend to take on more of the household mental load and workload naturally because they tend to be around more that you know, usually right not always but usually. But there’s no like, Oh, but I don’t do that because that’s not my that’s I don’t it’s not my job, right? It’s not my problem, right? Like, they’re still trying to get down the house. It’s everyone’s problem. So everyone’s gonna vision. And that’s just how it is. And, and it was, you know, and then with my husband as well, you know, when he is around, it was it was definitely a shift, because we went from I was a stay at home and he worked. So I didn’t most of us, I did, like 80 to 90% of everything because I was home and he wasn’t right. So like, it just naturally happened that way. But as I started working more, and whatever, he overtime, like gradually started taking on more stuff. And it was a hard shift for him as well. It was mentally it was a hardship, because he grew up with in a very like patriarchal home as well, where it was just very, you know, they’re very, very specific roles and stuff. And I did everything, my mom was also staying home mom, my dad worked. So it was the same thing. But if you might he was around, he would help. And so my husband, if he was around, he will help. Right. So like, it’s not like it’s, you know, so I think that that’s that’s really, really important is number one, kind of just like realizing that you’re not the only person in the house. And so you should you know, you can organize it and delegate appropriately, right, appropriately to make stuff happen. I also am very, like, schedule wise, I work very much according to my energetic,


like, capacity. Yeah.

Yael Bendahan  51:18

Because like, I know, like, for example, like people, oh, you know, wake up early and get stuff done, or like, whatever. And like I, now I’m pregnant. So that’s I’m out of breath. I’m pregnant. So I can’t stay up late the same way. I used to stay up late, right, but I’m a night person, you know, so I will get so much done like, between, like, you know, 11pm and one, right sometimes, like, I feel like work with that about myself. I also know like, I don’t do well early in the morning. So like, if I sit down and start trying to start work at like, eight o’clock, let’s say my kids were all out of house eight o’clock, which they never are, like, let’s say it’s that late, you know, earliest is like going to be 830 to nine, okay? So my brain is not still not at like, Peak Peak capacity, earlier in the morning. And I know that and I’m like, You know what, I’ll just do a workout instead. And when I settle down at like, 10 o’clock to start working, my brain works better. So like, I think that also like accepting that understanding that that you have your, I call it like the internal external time task match, right? Where it’s like, I’m not going to be doing, I’m not gonna be writing copy at 6pm when my kids are all around me and try and get you know, whatever, I’m not going to be doing it at 5am. Before my brain even has time to function, I might do it between MIT between like nine to 11pm. And that might work really well for me, or I’ll do it between 10 and you know, 12am You know, because that that’s when my mind is working really well. So matching up your tasks with your mental energy and also like your environment, to me is really, really important. I think that that was one of the things when my clients like that was like, Oh, my God, a game changer for me, because I was trying to sit down and work in the afternoon. And it was, and I was just so tired. And my brain was just foggy. And I’m functioning. And so when I just like, did my chores in the afternoon, and then started working later on the day, I could think better, you know, and like that was how her brain works. So I think that’s like a really, really important thing as well. Like I actually have a whole masterclass about that called plan like a CEO, where I work walk through, like, how we do things I batch I break things down. Like there’s so many, there’s so many like, memes and stuff, but I also have ADHD, and I are not taking my medication now because I’m pregnant, it is really annoying, is really hard. I am not I’m definitely not at like peak productive capacity, because I cannot focus. So

Rita Suzanne  53:31

are you prepared for it? So you already know when

Yael Bendahan  53:34

they know that? And I’m pleased about that and be like, okay, and then when the baby’s born, I’ll go back to taking it and I’ll be fine. Like that’s it. Alright, so, um, so I think also also, you know, a lot of entrepreneurs have ADHD a lot. And so if you know that you do have that or you suspect you might have like go to get it checked out because my dad’s doctor like so if there’s something for it, there’s gonna be something to help it I’ll take it, you know, like, I really don’t it’s not worth suffering and trying to work against your brain chemistry you know, when you could you could get you could get you know, medicinal help. Let’s I really believe that so those

Rita Suzanne  54:11

two I think that you know, sometimes a lot of people are very much anti medication and stuff like that here and there’s there’s some aspects to it right like it is it about certain things where you maybe don’t need that medication then maybe you shouldn’t you know, rely on it solely but is it a good you know, if you need it, you need it.

Yael Bendahan  54:37

Not to use it, that’s fine. That’s fine. But like, if you could be if you could make us perform, I don’t like that using that word. But like, if you know that like you will just do so much better. You will get so much work done in in the limited time that you have, like to me as a mom like time is very precious to me, right? So my work time. Like I want to make the most of my work time because See, if I’m working. I’m not in my, you know, doing stuff in my house. I’m not with my children. I’m not. Right. So like, if I can take something that will help me make the most of that time, I’ll do it. I’m not embarrassed of it, you know, so and

Rita Suzanne  55:14

you shouldn’t be because like I said, if you need it, then you need it. It’s not Yeah, they’re for your benefit. And so I see nothing wrong with that. So my last and most favorite question that I always ask is all about self care. And since you’ve got so much going on, I would love to know how you are prioritizing a little bit for yourself. What are you doing for you? And like, you know,

Yael Bendahan  55:42

ask me another one. I’m kidding. No. I know, it’s like, released. I’m like, dang it. No, I do i Okay, so I really do try, especially to this. It’s really funny. When I’m pregnant, I take care of myself so much better. And I’m like, why is that? What do you think now you’re worth taking care of because you’re carrying another human being, and often it comes out and you’re not anymore. But like, I’m just like, like, I’ll eat better. I work out. I’m working out now. Like, almost every day, because I just feel like I want to make my body like the best and most healthy as possible. And I think that. So I mean, for me, my biggest self care is like reading. I love reading like I’ve been reading since I was four years old. And I basically basically picked up a book and like, never stopped. And I literally have photos of me reading while doing all kinds of things like rollerblading and loading dishwashers. And I actually bet my husband that I could read while I was giving birth. I could not do it. I peed. I didn’t I read while I was in labor, and even like pretty deep into labor. And then when I was about to push my daughter out, he’s like, do you want your Kindle and I just gave him his face. And he was like, Okay, I’m just asking because you said, not even. So I really, really just enjoy, I really enjoyed meeting. I also like to say this, I don’t like I don’t enjoy exercising, necessarily as such. But I feel really good after I do it. So. So it was really worth it to me. And I started doing these really great workouts, short workouts by Kim Perry, she’s really great. And she has like pregnancy workouts. And they’re great because they’re like, very, very short. And you could do you could do like whatever, two rounds, or three rounds, or four rounds if you want, like however many you need. So I feel like even if I did like three rounds of five minutes, I’m like, You know what, like, better myself today, and I took care of myself today. So there’s a few things that I do for self care. So like, first of all, before I work, I really do my best like I do, like I have my tea in the morning. I can’t drink coffee when I’m pregnant, not because I’m not allowed to but because like I actually can’t stomach it, it’s really annoying because I was very tired for like a good month. I couldn’t, I couldn’t even like smell it. So I have like my tea and I do my journaling, I have this really nice playlist that I listen to while I’m doing my journaling. And I started doing breath work also like for like 10 minutes or so. Which feels really, really good. And I really tried to like give myself time to time to like read and just time to, you know, not work. Because my tendency will be like, if I’m kind of in the zone, you know, I’ll work late into the night because it just I’m in the zone like, I don’t resent it, but it will naturally happen. Because that’s like, that’s when my mind is most awake and everything. And so I really tried to like give myself like a cut off where I’m like, No, if you want to, like go into bed, read from bed. Try to do that. And yeah, and really just like spending time with friends, we don’t get together as much as we’d like to. But you know, getting together my sisters as well. was really, really nice. I have one sister who lives in the area, and other one who’s moving to the area in in May. So So that’s like really, really nice. And I get I guess, for me, I don’t subscribe to this, like, oh, I have to have my morning routine, like your morning routine is like an hour long, right? Because like, let’s be real, like, we don’t have an extra random hour to just do. Unless you wake up early. You could wake up early if you want to, I don’t want to say so I will. But I really tried to like really be very intentional before I start working to doing the journaling. And really just getting like just getting it all out. And usually I start I’m like, Oh my gosh, I don’t have time for this. But then I start like writing. And I just I’ll put up like four pages, you know of like, stuff and thoughts and ideas and things like it really, really really does help me because it gets so much out of my head. I don’t know if you notice, but I speak very fast. I’m from New York, I live my life at like 2x speed. So my mind is always racing, especially I guess maybe ADHD to ADHD to I don’t know, but my mind’s always racing. It’s always full of like ideas and thoughts and stuff. And so this really helps me just kind of really slow down and like I like having like my tea and it make it like a thing and have like my morning playlist, which which Spotify gave me it gave me his random day list one day and I was like, I love this music. This is so great. So I saved it. And now it’s like my journaling, my journaling thing and the breath work as well. I really try to make time for that every single day and and I’m really working out and like walking and stuff like I’ll bring my daughter to school in the Last night, I walked back, so I have like some fresh air. And that really, really helps me like I really feel like it makes a difference to my day when I was out in the morning than when I just like some of my pages, bring it to school my husband goes, it’s more convenient for me, for sure. But like, I feel like I don’t have like that same start to the day. So yeah, so really just incorporating those basic things. And just letting myself have time to read. And I will just, again, like it’s actually I’m like, obsessed, but like, I’m currently reading like probably four or five books. I love it at the moment. Like one self development book, and then one like fantasy book, they have random historical romance novel. And then I have like a Kindle Unlimited, something that I’m reading, I’ll just, I just kind of like cycled through. And

Rita Suzanne  1:00:43

I love that I love to read I like to listen to audiobooks, also, and, you know, various podcasts and stuff, too. But I find myself listening more than reading because when I was when my kids were younger, I used to read, you know, actual physical books all the time. And then when they were toddlers, they always wanted to take my book or like move my book out of the way. And so I started reading on my phone so that they wouldn’t realize that I wasn’t paying attention to them. I guess I don’t

Yael Bendahan  1:01:20

read a lot on my phone, or Yeah, I have a Kindle. But I also have a Kindle app on my phone. So I read a lot my phone also Yeah,

Rita Suzanne  1:01:24

but there’s some books that I will buy intentionally that are our physical books versus the ones that are electronic. And the reason why I do that is especially if they have any exercises in there, or there’s like prompts or anything like that I want the actual physical book for those versus the ones. So since we talked since you mentioned like self help, like, Do you have a favorite self help book that you like, recommend? Oh,

Yael Bendahan  1:01:56

God, like Gosh, told me pick a favorite child. I think my favorite favorite one, really. And it’s extra typical one is the big leap like that really, like that was like, I go back to it like at least twice or three times a year, or something because it like, it’s just it’s very basic. But it really, really, really helps me. It just really helps me it’s kind of like be able to identify when I might be just self sabotaging. And like, I know, I totally self sabotage. Like my coach is like, yeah, like you try to make things harder for yourself. It’s like you believe like, it’s like you’re you’re like addicted to like struggling. But I’m like, Yeah, because a lot of things have been really hard for me in my life. And so I’m just that’s just what I’m used to doing. And if things are working really well, I’m like, what’s wrong? What’s going?

Rita Suzanne  1:02:36

What’s happening? Yeah, my I recognize that. My favorite is, you’re a badass. That’s like one of the first that was also one of the first ones. Yeah, it was like one of my first ones. And it really my first coach. When I first started my business. She told me and you know, straight away, she said, you have a mindset problem. Now mind you, this was 10 years ago, I had no idea even what mindset was, you know, I started figuring out what it was. And then that’s when I got a hold of that book. And it was between the two, you know, the journaling the affirmations and reading that book, there was some type of, you know, switch that just flipped for me, and it really helped me. And I think that that’s the power of of reading and journaling. The two of those together or just like a power couple. Yeah,

Yael Bendahan  1:03:34

that’s a really good one, too. Yeah.

Rita Suzanne  1:03:39

So, just to wrap things up, because we are I could sit here and talk to you all day long. So fun. I’m gonna let you go. Where can everyone find you? Like, where are you on this internet? Okay,

Yael Bendahan  1:03:52

so mostly, I hang out on Instagram, like I’m doing stories every day. So Instagram at the the L Benda Han I’m probably the only album to him that as a coach. So if you just find my name on here and search for it, you will find me. So and I also I also hang out on Facebook a little bit, but mostly on Instagram. I do also have a podcast called Raising your business. Which is I don’t always talk about motherhood, but sometimes I do but my motherhood stuff is always like kind of intertwined in all my episodes, because everything I teach is like through that lens of like, but how do you do this as a mom, because, like, I learned this thing and like I’m like, I can’t do that. How do I do this as well? Right? So so it’s very, very much focused towards doing business smarter and working smarter, and you know, like behind the scenes and it’s, it’s, it’s cool, I love it so and you can go to my website, it’s currently under construction, but I have a nice little Coming Soon page and it has some links to a bunch of my stuff as well. Where you can find my instagram you can find whatever free thing I’m currently offering. Right now. It’s a challenge. I don’t know it’s going to be when when this podcast airs. So yeah, please connect with me on Instagram and just shoot me a DM, let me know that you found me in here. I love chatting in the DMS like, again, as a mom, I can’t do calls as much. That’s why I limit my calls very, very much. But I love doing voice notes in the DMS because that’s like where I make so many of my connections. So please be attached to me over there. love to chat.

Rita Suzanne  1:05:21

Yes. And obviously I’ll put all the links down in the description and all of that stuff. So thank you so much for sitting and chatting. It’s been a wonderful time getting to know you and learn.

Yael Bendahan  1:05:36

Same thing. Oh my gosh, it’s just so much fun. Thank you for having me.

Rita Suzanne 1:06:06

And there you have it. I want to encourage you to remember that being a mom who runs her own business is not easy. We all struggle, but just keep moving forward. And don’t forget to make time for yourself. As moms we are usually the first thing to go to the bottom of the list. If your business is overwhelming you and you need real solutions, not just some sugar coated suggestions apply to work with me at

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