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In this episode of the Mom Owned and Operated podcast, Rita Suzanne and Ashley Wanner discuss raising a family, running a business and remembering yourself.

Ashley Wanner is a Certified Director of Operations who helps busy, ambitious entrepreneurs ditch the overwhelm of operations and grow their businesses with ease! She provides strategic business planning, operations support, and full-service launch strategy and management.

She is a mom of 2 boys, a wife, and a dog mom. As a former teacher, she understands the need for having processes and systems in place to create a solid foundation that can allow a business owner to scale without things falling apart on the backend. She uses a combination of woo-woo energy (really just focusing on what feels good and aligned for you in your business) and data-driven decisions to help women turn their vision into reality.

In her spare time, you can find her hanging out with her family, watching Netflix, or channeling her inner Joanna Gaines trying to cook delicious things in the kitchen!

You can find Ashley on her websiteInstagram, and Facebook.

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Rita Suzanne, Ashley Wanner

Rita Suzanne 0:01
Hi, I’m Rita Suzanne. And today I have my good friend Ed Clark with me, I’m so excited to chat with you today. Edie, please tell everyone all about you, your family and your business. Hi, I’m Rita Suzanne. And today I have my guest, Ashley, with me, Ashley, thank you so much for joining me again, and taking the time to chat with me and everyone else about you, your business and your family. Can you please tell us all about all the things? Of course,

Ashley Wanner  00:45

yes, thank you so much for having me back again. I love it. I love it so much. I’m Ashley, and I am a certified Director of Operations, which really just means a strategic partner in your business. I’m also a mom, I have two little boys who are five and two who keep me on my toes. And keep my heart so full. They’re just the busiest, most fun little people in the world. I have a husband, of course, I’m in Ohio, and I just working my business, being a mom being a wife running a household doing all the things and, and loving it all. It’s a great gig.

Rita Suzanne  01:27

Well, so how long have you had your business how long you’ve been doing this now?

Ashley Wanner  01:31

Yeah, a little over two years, I’ve been in business, and I just celebrated my business month. Then business aversary, I started as a virtual assistant. And just quickly realized, I could do a lot more I have kind of that like organized brain, I was a former teacher. And I feel teacher I was really, it was like, you know, you had to be on you had to keep schedules, you had to keep things organized. And that really transitioned well into the online virtual assistant space, I was like, wow, I can really keep stuff in order. And rather than, you know, taking the tasks, I really found myself being able to talk to the boss, the CEO, not the creative visionary, there’s so many names for it, and really help start to guide them and like what we should do next. And I really kind of just realized, there’s something here, you know, that I can offer that’s different in this space. And so I went on to become certified as a director of operations. And now I run my business, on retainer clients and projects and a lot of consulting as well.

Rita Suzanne  02:40

Yeah, I remember when I first started, so long ago, I thought I was going to be a VA to write because in the corporate world, I had worked in an office and I had managed people and done, you know, all of these things for years, I can’t even remember, you know, over 10 years. And and I thought like what is the natural progression from working in an office to being an office assistant? Right. But I think that I would have also to if I would have stayed as a VA, I would have quickly said this is not, not for me, you know? Yeah,

Ashley Wanner  03:17

absolutely. Yeah, it feels like a really natural step into the space. But if you have a previous skill set, or you have a passion for a specific route, I really encourage I think when you’re just getting started coming in as like more of a generalist, unless you have a very specific skill set that you know, transfers well into the online space of VA is a great spot to start with, because you can get a ton of experience and get to try different things and figure out what you really love to do and what you can do. Well, like what’s your zone of genius, right?

Rita Suzanne  03:50

I mean, because I say that when people when I talk about being a web designer, I always say I went from having one boss to having 15 bosses. And you know, it’s I think the same is true when you’re a VA because you are juggling all of these clients at once. And so I think it becomes it can become overwhelming to certain people which is why they need someone like you to come in as a strategic isn’t that what you’re doing? You’re like coming in and being more like a partner to them.

Ashley Wanner  04:24

Exactly. Yep, absolutely. Yeah, it actually water and call. We are a strategic partner for your business. So a Director of Operations really is a partner who comes in with the CEO and helps them run the day to day kind of gets them out of the weeds and more than just managing. They’re really providing strategy and thoughtfulness behind the business decisions that are being made. So we’re looking at financials every month. We’re looking at launch schedule, we’re helping the CEO design the launch schedule. We are looking at making goals for the you know for the quarter for them. And we’re doing really intensive planning every quarter, that helps guide what we need to do next, like, Okay, we need to do some more visibility, we need to pull this together, what do we have on the calendar for this. So it’s a lot of just looking back reflecting, reviewing on what we’ve done and making a strategic plan forward. And then from there, it’s communicated to the team, by me as the DLL we communicate to the team and it gets managed out, implemented, comes back and goes out into the world. So I couldn’t do it without a team, without the CEO having a team and so I come in and really just help keep the team on track moving forward doing those needle moving tasks. Yeah,

Rita Suzanne  05:41

I think that that’s the best part is, like we were mentioning before having the team to, like, really support you. And I think that, you know, being a VA is good for, you know, some people just really thrive at it, and just really love it. And then other people, I guess, like us were like, no,

Ashley Wanner  06:00

absolutely, yeah, for sure. And I do, I enjoy the doing to an extent, but it was getting to the point where I was like, doing things, you know, it was really quickly I felt like I had, you know, more. And also what you mentioned before about it becoming overwhelming, it is so true as a VA you never really know, when your CEO is going to give you a task, and you don’t necessarily know when it’s due. So if you are if you’re working with a group of, you know, multiple businesses, and they all pile on, you know, there’s a launch and they all line up on the same week, and suddenly you are underwater. And as a mom, I just couldn’t have that I couldn’t, I couldn’t do it, I was like, I have to really kind of help set my own schedule, and at least be a little more ahead of the ball and knowing what my CEOs are going to be doing. So I can plan a little bit better to know like, alright, this is a launch month, it’s gonna be really heavy, I need to pull in some more childcare. And then there are some relaxed months, which is really nice. So it’s a balance,

Rita Suzanne  06:59

Mark. Yeah. Because even as the when I was doing design, it was overwhelming, because it seemed like everybody would come in at the same time, right? Because I, I also had retainer clients, but then I was doing the VIPs and had them scheduled out. And that was the only way that I was really able to kind of tame the overwhelm and the burnout that can exist when you’re a provider, as a as a server service provider, I feel like you’re just more susceptible. Because you have to do all the actual tasks.

Ashley Wanner  07:31

under percent. Yeah, as a coat. Yeah, as a coach, you’re like, the time in is the time in your talking your as a service provider. It’s like we’re talking, we’re planning and then there’s a ton of doing after behind the scenes, you know, straight forward facing with the client. So it is definitely

Rita Suzanne  07:49

So speaking of burnout, let’s talk a little bit about how you are able to overcome burnout, especially with such little ones. You know, my kids are teens now and they still overwhelm me in kind of a state of panic at times. Sure. Oh, my

Ashley Wanner  08:04

gosh, right. Yeah, I have a few different strategies in place. And I still get very stressed out don’t get me wrong. You could you never know how your day is gonna start with a two and a five year old, right. But I also really strategic about having it feel like harmonious I’m not super tight on work time, Kid time like, and honestly, it’s really just what works for your family. I have an amazing, supportive husband who works during the day. And then sometimes, you know, if I’m like, really busy, I’m like, Hey, babe, I got to work this evening. And he’s like, got it. Like, what should we do for dinner? I’m like, I don’t know. He’s like, I’ll figure it out. Like, go do your thing. Yeah, exactly. So having a support system, for sure is helpful. And being able to create space, like things that I love, like, I will definitely lean in and do the things I love to make sure like, I’m getting a little bit of joy in my life and like creating time for myself. And then honestly, this is something new that I’ve been kind of playing around with is cycles in my business, which has been such a game changer for me. I love to use it for my business. I know it sounds a little like well, it’s definitely more

Rita Suzanne  09:18

because I’m yeah, like a period sinking. But I know exactly

Ashley Wanner  09:22

it. That’s exactly yeah, you’re totally on point. It’s all about like my hormonal cycle, right? I know that it’s again, kind of will but certain times in your cycle. Women have more natural energy. And so I’ve really been capitalizing on that like at the beginning of my cycle, which I won’t get into the specifics, but like, you know, when you’re ovulating, you’re like at the beginning you have a lot more natural energy and you want to be like out more and you want to be able to talk more so that’s like a great time for me to be showing up on social media a little bit more like planning out content, where as the week before my period starts that It’s more of like, you’re kind of like, like you’re just a little more sensitive a little bit. So that’s like a great time to run my books. And I look at like admin and I plan stuff. And that’s been really cool to capitalize on my natural energy. So every week, I’m not like, oh my god, I have to schedule like, I have to figure out content, like I plan it a little bit more. With my cycle, it’s been so cool.

Rita Suzanne  10:21

Exactly, read a book about that it was a Kate Northrup or something like that, who wrote the book.

Ashley Wanner  10:28

I’ve heard it from a few different people, I know I’m in the flow, like slow living, gosh, I can’t remember her name right now. is so bad. That’s so bad, I should know it. I’ve just been like really testing it out and seeing there’s a few different people who are starting to talk about it. And it’s been really neat. For me, I have some, like, when you have babies, I just feel like women’s bodies get destroyed after babies. So I’m still dealing with some like hormonal thyroid stuff after having kiddos. So I’m just leaning into ways that I can like help fight the fatigue and fight the stress. And that has been really neat for me to be able to start to try out and test out. And I

Rita Suzanne  11:07

think that that’s important, because, you know, often we don’t want to say, oh, that’s, that’s a little too woowoo for me, but I feel like whatever works, you know, whatever works for your business, and it makes sense. You know, as far as how you feel energetically gonna, your output, your performance is going to be reflective of that.

Ashley Wanner  11:29

Yeah, definitely. Yeah. And I it is, it is true. I think we all feel it. Like as business owners, there are times when you’re like, Let’s go like this is the time and then there’s other times, we’re like, I don’t even want to open the app, like I cannot get on Instagram today. Like I cannot talk to my clients today. And that if you kind of get more in tune with it, I have realized it’s really kind of aligned with our hormonal, you know, cycle. So it’s, yeah, it’s fun to really just like, call it out and lean into it, where I feel like, you know, the messaging for so long when I was at that age where you’re first starting to, like, even have a cycle. It’s really like, Oh, you just kind of like, deal with it and keep going. And so it’s been fun to like, lean into it and sometimes talk with clients about it, too, who are really interested, like, oh, yeah, like, I can see it. Now now that I’m more in tune, I can see when my clients or my female clients are like, you know, like, energetic and ready to go. And I’m like, let’s capitalize on this, like, let this is when we need to have the lodge, you know, so it’s been fun to kind of play with it.

Rita Suzanne  12:30

I think that’s it’s really interesting in a lot of people would say those downtimes are like, Oh, I’m burnt out. I don’t feel like doing anything. And you may be right, because a sign of fatigue, you know, a sign of burnout is fatigue, and overwhelmed. But I think that your cycles, your hormones can have a lot to do with it, especially as women and and mothers, you know, because it’s can take you a long time to get back on track.

Ashley Wanner  12:56

Definitely. Yeah, absolutely. And it’s just nice to be able to call it out and realize and like, feel a sense of like, okay, this is why this is happening instead of like, Why do I keep getting burnt out in my business? Do I just need to burn it to the ground? Like what is happening? Every month? I hate my business during a certain time? Well, maybe we need to, you know, like, look into it and figure it out a little bit more. But yeah, it’s not for everybody. It’s totally not for everybody. But it has really been a neat way for me to support myself and running my own business and helping other women run their businesses. So it’s been a cool tool.

Rita Suzanne  13:30

Well, I think as a mom, we have to just take advantage of everything that we can, especially when your children are so there’s so young, you know, so little and you’re so you know, I’m sure grateful to have such a a wonderful support system, you know, because

Ashley Wanner  13:46

yeah, I’m very lucky. Yeah, I couldn’t do it without him. Of course, you know, it’d be a lot more crazy crazy town around.

Rita Suzanne  13:55

You can still do it. Yeah,

Ashley Wanner  13:56

we totally cut just definitely like little monkeys while I’m having client calls. That is like one boundary, I do keep for my client calls. I need I have to have childcare. So there are times I said before that I kind of it’s like harmonious I try you know, if I need to hop on my computer really quick, while it’s breakfast that, you know, the kids are cool, they’re eating, I’m on my computer really quick. It’s fine. Certain times, it is like, you know, we need to make move mountains and really make some key decisions. And you can’t do that with a two year old who’s like climbing on your face all the time. So

Rita Suzanne  14:27

in order to think clearly, and before I remember, you know, before COVID Everybody would, we did not have our children in our business as far as I remember. My sons, they were probably I want to say six, you know, seven ish, maybe seven, nine ish and I’m on a call. I’m doing this presentation and it was in a really big group and then I finished it up everything was fine. And then here they come in the background, jumping Hang in screaming. I was mortified, right? Everybody’s like, oh my gosh, they’re so cute. But I was, in my mind, I’m like, That’s so unprofessional. But now in COVID, you know, post COVID Everybody, it’s okay. And ever Yeah, bracing the idea of having your children in the center and front forefront of your business. And I cannot wait, that’s, it’s so exciting to be able to incorporate your children and not be and not feel like inadequate because your children are in your

Ashley Wanner  15:33

business. Because you’re a mom. That people say that, right? It’s like you people expect some people expect you to work like you don’t have kids and be a mom, like you don’t have a job. And that’s just not reality. And I think that does lead to a lot of, of burnout, the pressure that we put on ourselves to do it all and do it all, without help and like a perfect, you know, just the pictures that can be painted, especially in the online space, make it feel almost impossible for us to feel successful. Like we’re doing it, you know, and doing it well.

Rita Suzanne  16:08

Yeah, that’s why I think that it’s important to really be realistic about what’s happening in your business versus just trying to paint a pretty picture that a lot of people do. Definitely, you know, that was the whole idea of this podcast was so that I could reach out and talk to other moms because I was struggling and I couldn’t understand, like, how come everybody else can do this? And I’m the only one who can do it. And you know, it’s not true.

Ashley Wanner  16:36

And I’m sure you Yeah, you’ve learned every episode, you’re like, it is not just me.

Rita Suzanne  16:42

People still stay so put on a you know, facade of of everything being perfect, you know, but when you’re off camera, then that’s when you can really get to

Ashley Wanner  16:55

know the real.

Rita Suzanne  16:58

And I get it because when I turn on the camera, then that’s when it’s professional time. Sure. We can let her hair down a little bit more. Because we don’t want to come off as unprofessional and then nobody’s gonna want to hire us because 100% a shit show. And then you’re like, Yes, I trust you to run your business, even though you’re completely a disaster.

Ashley Wanner  17:25

Right? Absolutely. Yeah. Like, oh, okay, she has no childcare. So she she doesn’t have time for me. I get that. Yeah, for sure. You definitely don’t want to herself out there. Like you don’t have it together. I can understand that.

Rita Suzanne  17:38

You know, Molly have it together, right. Like, I know what I’m doing. I know exactly what’s happening. Yeah, my life is a disaster. But I still know what I’m doing.

Ashley Wanner  17:50

Absolutely, yeah, absolutely. It may be happening at 11 o’clock at night, but I know what I’m doing. Yeah, it will happen. I love that. That’s

Rita Suzanne  17:59

so funny. Is your favorite thing to do as a do Oh,

Ashley Wanner  18:04

oh, gosh, I love so much. But I I really love the strategic mapping the business planning that I get to do with my retainer clients, I do them every quarter. And I really believe quarterly planning is like, you have to do it in your business. And I also love to just do that as a VIP week, that’s probably my favorite offer is being able to pull in a CEO who’s like, and this is really for a CEO who has been in business a while they’re pretty established, maybe they have a team, maybe just have the like one, a team, you know, an extra person helping them out. They feel like they know, their offers, like they have a pretty strong sense of what they’re doing. But they kind of feel like a duck, right? You’re like, underwater, kind of like I’m it’s happening like, exactly, but like, you know, it’s it’s crazy back here. So that’s when I get to come in and we get to settle out like, alright, let’s like pull back and anchor on to our mission or vision or values, let’s make sure those are aligned. If not, we’re gonna recalibrate. And then we dive in to those pillars, that departments in your business and go through each one and really set priorities that we need to make sure that we have in place and then prioritize them out, make a plan, like set a focus for each month for the next quarter and delegate out and get it done. And it’s really a fun transformation from beginning of the week to like, I don’t know what is happening, like I have so many ideas. They’re amazing. I don’t know what I’m going to do with them all. I feel crazy. My back ends and that’s too by the end of the week after we’ve had like two planning sessions. We’re boxing all week, really getting into the weeds of what needs to be happening to the end of the week. It’s like oh, there you go. Yeah, I know what yeah, there’s like so much clarity and direction and a plan and that’s how we talk about it is The strategic mapping session gives you clarity direction and a plan, like you get really clear on what you will need to be doing next, that’s actually going to move your business forward, we get that direction piece of this is what we need to do next. And we plan it out so that you know exactly in the next three months, each month each week, the tasks that you really need to be putting forward and it just gives your business this really great anchor. And if you haven’t tried it before, it’s something where it’s like, oh, gosh, it’s really going to change how you can like you sit down at your computer, and you know exactly what to do. And that feels great as a business owner with no time, especially as a mom, business owner, with literally no, having a plan is off. It’s great.

Rita Suzanne  20:41

I’m like you I like to quarterly plan, yearly plan, it just seems so far away for me. And it’s really hard for me to envision because the, you know, month to month, week to week, day to day things can change.

Ashley Wanner  20:57

100% Yeah, especially in online business, it changes. It can change fast. It’s hard, it’s easy to see the vision, like I know what I want it to feel like and what I imagined it should look like. But when you get into the weeds, it’s like, I don’t actually know which bus like do I need a bus? Do I need a car? Like what do I need to get there? Because it could change in six months to a year. So really, those quarters seem to be a really nice anchor to guide you.

Rita Suzanne  21:23

Right? Because the month is just too small. But then the quarter I think is good. I do I do quarterly with my clients too, because it’s awesome. Yeah. Yeah. keeps everybody on tasks, you know, so?

Ashley Wanner  21:36

Well, yeah. Cuz your month a month flies like you don’t really necessarily, but it goes so fast for months and go, especially things come up. And to you kind of got to think about your lifestyle. If you’re heading into third quarter. And, you know, like, that’s summer, like where, you know, like, where are you going on a vacation or your kids aren’t like you there’s so much to consider. And a month, month basis, the

Rita Suzanne  21:59

summers are slower, right there. You know, obviously more relaxed, especially if your clients are other moms.

Ashley Wanner  22:07

Right? For sure. Yeah, that’s right. Yeah, at this point in the year, I’m working with my teams like my CLI, like, Alright, let’s get our schedules out. Like, when are we going on vacation? What’s the out of office that Oh, notification that we need to bring up? Like, who’s going to be here? It’s bare bones. Right. So this is the time where we’re starting to plan for summer shutdown? For a lot of my

Rita Suzanne  22:31

companies during this time, and then it goes kind of slow. But I think that also it’s it’s not a good idea to just like give up during the summer, right? Because a lot of people are not working in the summer. And so if you’re though one or you know, one of the few is still working summer could be a good opportunity for you as well.

Ashley Wanner  22:53

Absolutely. I’ve heard that I’ve heard that too. Like the, the amount of people that you’re selling to becomes a lot smaller. So your message is getting out there a lot bigger because there’s not as many fish happened that you’re like, you know, competing with the sea. Just steal.

Rita Suzanne  23:09

It’s definitely it’s definitely a good opportunity. Same thing with the holidays, and you know, Christmas holiday break and things of that nature. Yeah, absolutely.

Ashley Wanner  23:19

I know. For my visible definitely. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, for my visit, my husband is a teacher. So he’s got all those like, really fun times off. So it’s a great time for me to ramp up because he’s home and like the kids are cool, you know, like they’re playing with dad, who they don’t get to play with all day all year long. So it’s really nice for us to balance that out. And it is true. It’s whatever works for your business. And I have seen some great opportunity in those off month.

Rita Suzanne  23:51

If not everybody has the younger children at home where they need to take the time off. I mean, like me, my kids are off running around with their friends and having fun. So I do take advantage of the holidays and summers.

Ashley Wanner  24:06

Absolutely, yeah, they’re busy. And there’s other people around who can kind of hang with them and they want to visit with them. So it is kind of a nice time you can sneak away and get ahead.

Rita Suzanne  24:15

Alright, so I want to ask you a question. If another mom came to you, and she wanted to start her own business right now, what would you tell her?

Ashley Wanner  24:25

I would tell her, make it work for your life. There’s a lot of people who can make you think that there’s a certain way that it has to look, but you and you do have to put in the work so make it work for you but also know it does take work. There is a lot of work and it isn’t easy, but you can do it with as much ease as possible. That so that it can fit your life. Hard work and making it work for your life is what I would say and also really kind of cluing into the things that light you up up that make you feel like, Oh, I love this, like I could do this for a long time and lean into that so that you’re really enjoying it. It’s always worked, but it doesn’t feel like work. That’s what I would let them know.

Rita Suzanne  25:15

We’re at a point where we really enjoy our businesses so much that it doesn’t feel like burdensome. You know, like for me, because I can work work work work, I do have a workaholic nature. But if I didn’t enjoy it, I wouldn’t be able to do it as much.

Ashley Wanner  25:32

Yeah. 100% Yeah, I think that you have to really find a spot where you fall in love with it. Because then when you are up, you know, at 11 o’clock at night, planning out your nurture sequence, like you keep putting off because you’re doing stuff for your client, or like, whatever it is you’re doing. It feels good. Like even though you know, you should be sleeping like you are, like, so fired up about it and you’re loving it.

Rita Suzanne  25:55

Like, why are you doing that? You’re crazy. But I don’t feel you know, I feel motivated. Yeah. And I think that it’s okay to do things like that. As long as you’re not, you know, feeling burnt out at the same.

Ashley Wanner  26:10

Exactly. Yeah, absolutely. I think you definitely have to be self aware and clued in to what it is that you’re what you’re feeling. But if it’s firing you up to get up at 5am like, Go girl, do you? I’m like, No, thanks on the mornings, but I know it works for a lot of people. So whatever works for you and your life is what you should be leaning into. Yeah,

Rita Suzanne  26:33

I’m like, I would rather stay up late and get up early and do the I will get up semi early but I’m not ready to work yet. You know, like I need him slowly, like get myself moving before I’m ready to actually be prepared for the world.

Ashley Wanner  26:50

It’s so true. Yeah, something Yeah, I’m the same way. I have more energy at night. Like once the kids are down. That gives me like a boost. I don’t a lot of people crash like my husband like Good night. Okay, exactly, exactly. I’m like Good night. So that I can go work because my brain lights up at night. But in the morning. Yeah, even if I get up early. I’m like,

Rita Suzanne  27:13

yes, it takes me. I don’t even set calls until I think 11 Because I don’t want to and I and I get up before seven and I’m still I’m still not even ready for calling in but at least 11

Ashley Wanner  27:27

Yeah, you’ve got morning you’ve got your littles to get out the door too. But it is

Rita Suzanne  27:31

they get themselves so

Ashley Wanner  27:35

amazing. Teacher One day One day I’ll get

Rita Suzanne  27:40

paired it’s pretty this is the first year though that I have is it makes somebody to Carlisle, you know, go through carwash or get somebody dressed and you know, take them up to us or anything like that, like my three youngest ones are all in middle school. So they all go to the bus at the same time. And then I have my oldest She’s in high school, so she’s definitely off before the others go. And you know, like they have their own alarms. They get up in the morning and they get themselves ready. They come in and say goodbye to me. And then that’s when I wake up ascension. I love

Ashley Wanner  28:12

it. Oh my god. That’s like so the goal was like there’s a dream. Right? I bet you feel like a new woman. But you’re not how much better? It’s so I’m sure. Yeah, new season of life.

Rita Suzanne  28:26

Yes, I know. I’m like if there’s something that I’m grateful for that that’s pretty much less stressful for me in the mornings when I’m not having to do all these things. Now I will get up and you know, ask my youngest Have you brushed your teeth and stuff like that, but very minimal. He’s pretty much taken care of all the things by himself.

Ashley Wanner  28:47

So so fun. We’re like, just entering not even close to that. But like, my five year old can brush his teeth, you know, like he can and it’s so different. You know, you’re like, Did you brush your teeth? Like it’s just such a different conversation? Start to get self sufficient. Yeah, but I still could check it like pick make sure the shirt like he can pick out his clothes, but they never match and there are for sure going on inside out and backwards. But for sure every time so

Rita Suzanne  29:15

to this day where backwards almost. They’ll come home from school and I’ll be like, Why is your shirt backwards? And he’s like, I don’t know. And like, I feel like he puts it on meaning to put it the other way that it ends up backwards every single time.

Ashley Wanner  29:31

Oh my gosh. So it’s not gonna be different for me got it. There’s so funny. You might

Rita Suzanne  29:38

catch on better than my

Ashley Wanner  29:41

I love it. You’re like at least you were clothed. It’s fine.

Rita Suzanne  29:46

And he’s wearing every day so he doesn’t even

Ashley Wanner  29:49

that’s true. There you go. Yeah. You don’t have to worry till the summer.

Rita Suzanne  29:55

Well, Ashley, where are you online? Where can people hire you and and see you on Online.

Ashley Wanner  30:00

Absolutely, I met Ashley want So it’s Ashley. And then water is spelled w a n n er and we say it’s like water, but the N sound. And then on Instagram is really where I’m mostly hanging out. It’s at Ashley So that’s where you can find me. And I love to hang out there and chat and talk all things. Strategic planning and yeah, hiring all the things. I love to get into all that stuff. Yeah.

Rita Suzanne  30:32

Find me. All right. Well, thank you so much for joining me today. Ashley. It’s always a pleasure to chat with you. I love it.

Ashley Wanner  30:38

Same. I love it too. Thank you so much for having me on. I appreciate it.

Rita Suzanne  30:43

And there you have it. I want to encourage you to remember that being a mom who runs her own business is not easy. We all struggle, but just keep moving forward. And don’t forget to make time for yourself. As moms we are usually the first thing to go to the bottom of the list. If your business is overwhelming you and you need real solutions, not just some sugar coated suggestions apply to work with me at

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