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In this episode of the Mom Owned and Operated podcast, Rita Suzanne and Edie Clarke discuss raising a family, running a business and remembering yourself.

Edie Clarke is a remote video producer and YouTube strategist. She empowers service-based entrepreneurs to confidently leverage the power of video by turning their knowledge and expertise into marketing videos through simple and user-friendly tools, to enhance their online presence and achieve their business goals.

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Rita Suzanne, Edie Clarke

Rita Suzanne 0:01
Hi, I’m Rita Suzanne. And today I have my good friend Ed Clark with me, I’m so excited to chat with you today. Edie, please tell everyone all about you, your family and your business.

Edie Clarke 0:14
Excellent. Hi, Rita. It’s been a while. Hi, everyone. My name is Ed Clark. I’m based in Brooklyn, New York. And I am a remote video producer and YouTube strategist. And I work with service provider entrepreneurs who want to use video in order to leverage their business and grow their audience. But they’re usually confused about how to do that. And they want to work with someone who will be able to turn their knowledge and expertise into content that can be a lead generator for them. Yeah, I’ve been doing this for the past 12 No, 10 years, forgetting how long I’ve been in business. I am happily married for 23 years, almost 24 years in December. And we have a son who is graduating from college this May. So

Rita Suzanne 1:07
I remember when he started. It’s crazy how fast you know, goes,

Edie Clarke 1:15
it does not wait for anyone that much I’ve realized,

Rita Suzanne 1:19
yeah. So today we’re going to talk about a really exciting topic. And you know, content is a big thing. So what do you have in store for us today?

Edie Clarke 1:30
Well, today, I wanted to talk about what’s been happening and people talking about all over the internet. And that’s using AI and integrating that with content creation and content marketing. Because everyone’s sort of losing their minds over AI at the moment, particularly over a tool that is called Chat GPT. And that isn’t the first or the only AI platform that’s ever existed. But I’m not sure why it’s taken the world by storm, but it has. And so I wanted to talk about that today.

Rita Suzanne 2:09
Yeah, because before that wasn’t there, like Jasper and some other ones that were writing content. But I will say comparatively, that I think that chat GPT is a little better, actually. What are your thoughts?

Edie Clarke 2:24
Yeah, from what I, at the end of the day, any writing tool, Jaspers, one of them, there’s a bunch of them, I can’t even keep track of them all, are all built on the same platform, which is open AI that is constantly updated and upgraded. Over a period of time, if anybody was on chat GVT for any period of time, you would remember that it was constantly being updated. And that’s the same that’s happening with all of the other platforms that are out there. Chat GPT is just slightly different in the in the way in which you use it. Then Jasper was in its initial rollout. Now, I’m still a huge fan of Jasper. And I still it’s my number one tool that I use for writing. Now within Jasper, they have the chat feature. So you technically don’t need to use chat GPT. And that’s really what the main difference was between Jasper and chat JpT. Jasper, what made that so genius was that they decided to curate the content that they were creating specifically for anyone that was writing anything from a blog, to an email, to a script for a video to an article to social media posts to product descriptions to the meta descriptions on your websites. And they created templates for you, or templates as the templates templates for you. That just made creating it that much easier. And with Chet GPT it’s more of like a research tool or a search engine because you can ask it questions. And granted it can spit out lists, but it actually can also spit out well formed paragraphs of content, whether it’s that you’re asking it to tell me a story about a boy that meets a girl walking through the you know, whatever, it can do that as well. But in a test. I haven’t done this test yet. But I’ve seen someone that’s done a test where they compared content that chat GBT put out versus content that was used through a template on Jasper and Jasper’s content was more or was legitimized a bit better than the chat At GPT, whereas the chat GVT seemed to have more incidences of false information. And I’m not saying that anybody should take the content from either of these platforms and planted on your website, as is. That is no, no, no, no, no. But it just seem to have less issues with it being seen as being created by a robot.

Rita Suzanne 5:25
I see, I see what you’re saying. Because I use I did start using Jasper for a while. And I think maybe you were the one who recommended it to me, but I think I didn’t understand how to use it fully. And I think that that’s probably an issue that a lot of people have. And when you use the chat, GPT, it’s pretty easy. Yeah, it’s like you type in Hey, rewrite this for me use this tone. But it does is every there’s a lot of repetition in your results. So that can be a good thing, because it’s remembering what you know, yeah, your style and the things that you like. But it’s also basically just repeating the same things over and over.

Edie Clarke 6:09
Yeah, at the end of the day with, whether it’s Jasper, or if you’re going straight to check GPT, or you’re using another one of them, the content that you’re going to get out is as good as the content that you put in. And what you need to recognize is that this is built on machine learning. So basically, what that means is, the more that you use it, and give it information and the more users worldwide, that there are, and there’s probably close to ability, and who knows, I mean, there’s a lot of people that are using it, the better the tools going to get, and the results that you get are going to be better. But the key thing is you cannot be very generic with what you’re putting in it, whatever it is that you’re asking it to do, you need to be very granular in how you’re asking for that. And then even if once it spits it out, you can go even deeper, ask it more questions to get even more information out of it. So it’s really at the end of the day, as good as the information that you’re giving it.

Rita Suzanne 7:16
I agree with that. Because I was working on something the other day, and it spit out a result for me. And then I asked it another question. And then it kept on using words that I didn’t like. So it was like, tell me that without using word, because I didn’t like it at all.

Edie Clarke 7:34
Exactly. Yeah. Yeah, that’s key.

Rita Suzanne 7:37
So I think that that, you know, just goes to show you have to, you know, put in a lot of information and then narrow it down as you’re on it. So what are some of your favorite platforms that you use? Besides Jasper, do you have other recommendations besides

Edie Clarke 7:53
Jasper, I mean, pretty much. I can’t think of a tool right now off the top of my head that has not incorporated AI into it. So there may not be in the list of some of the things that I will say. They’re not necessarily specifically AI tools, but they incorporate AI in them. And that’s what I think is what we’re going to be seeing moving forward in the future anyway. One of the next biggest tools after Jasper is big view. Big view is a video teleprompter. In and of itself. It is not an AI tool. However, it does incorporate AI features within it. For example, speech to text. Another capability is they to have jumped on the almost chat TPT I won’t say it’s chat GBT. But it’s built on open AI, where now you can use that platform to actually create your scripts. So what’s genius about big view is that it is a platform that allows you to record yourself, whether you’re doing it on a desktop, or if you’re using your smartphone while you’re reading the teleprompter. And so it just makes for people who are uncomfortable with recording content and trying to God forbid, memorize what they have to say, they can easily use this tool. So in the olden days, you had to create your script and either cut and paste it inside of big view or you could manually within big view, create your script will now they have this feature that actually allows you to from scratch. I’ve opened up big view I have no idea what video I want to talk about, or the specifics of it. And then you can immediately choose the type of video you want to create. Give it some information and it spits out a script for you. So that makes needing to use other tools outside of it. Very Got a whole lot less possible, so are needed. So you can literally just use big view to write your scripts, and then to film yourself, and it is a tool also that allows you to edit your video so you can do everything within that platform. So I think that that’s pretty ingenious of what they’re doing. Another tool that is more of it has an AI feature that is like the getting better and better and better with it is my social media management tool. Now, I don’t know what do you use Buffer or HootSuite, we’re trying to, you

Edie Clarke 10:37
know, use social be,

Edie Clarke 10:39
Oh, you do to? Social B is the bomb now. Because they’ve now added AI feature which allows you to create your social media posts within the platform. And they’ve even between when they first released it, and now it’s they’ve even changed it again. And they’ve made it even more robust now. Because they have these like a bajillion different prompts. Now, it’s like crazy.

Rita Suzanne 11:10
And I liked that you can say, you know, put in the link to where you were, what you want versus your I don’t know if you can do that on Jasper, whatever the other ones are. But I know that question. Yeah, I don’t know. But I know that on social media, you can put in the link and say, Okay, give me some prompts for this, which are like, Why are you not using this?

Edie Clarke 11:33
Yeah, yeah. So it makes it because again, pre this feature, I would create my prompts in Jasper, and then bring them in to social v. And now you don’t need to do that. They also have a way of creating your hashtags, although I can’t say I’m in love with it. But I like the fact that they give you that option. But that needs

Rita Suzanne 11:57
some work. Yeah, definitely. Because it’ll pull almost like every word. And, you know, they really make a lot of sense. But, you know, I still generate them, because sometimes some good ones will pop. Yeah, exactly. Remove the ones that I don’t feel are necessarily relevant. Yeah.

Edie Clarke 12:16
Yeah. And then another one that is an AI tool that I’ve been using for four years now, three or four years, it’s been a while, is my best recommendation for creating slides. And that’s beautiful that AI. And I’ve been using that for quite a number of years. And the reason why I liked that is because, for me, I’m not as graphically inclined as you are Rita. But for me, it was always a chore creating my PowerPoint slides, I was like, What do I want this slide to look like? What image do I want to bring in? And how do I want to position it on the page. And that just was an added level of stress and annoyance that I just didn’t need. And beautiful AI was a is a company that was actually created by people who create PowerPoint presentations as a career, that was their business, that was their job. So they knew all of the nuances, the things that you needed to do versus not needing to do, the total number of characters you should have on a page, and all of that they knew that knowledge going in. So they created a platform that automatically allowed you to create beautiful looking presentations, because they met the standard requirements, you could never put too much text on a slide, even if you wanted to, it would not allow you to do that. You were able to position your images in a way that was attractive for the person to see it as opposed to I just want to put these, you know, pictures all over the place and in these weird manners. And now what they’ve done is and so that’s the automatic that was the AI aspect of that initially, what they’ve now done, which once this gets trained, is going to be in my opinion, a game changer is they have something that is called designer bot AI. So what you do is you treat it sort of like chat, where you put in the prompt of what slide presentation or slide deck Do you want it to create? So do you want to do a presentation that’s targeting entrepreneurs that’s talking about starting a business if you’re in XYZ industry, so you put in that prompt? You would then select the template of meeting like what colors do you want fonts and things of that nature and let it let it do its thing and it will automatically create slides that would in theory We have the content that you’re looking for on each slide. It’s not going to be perfect. It’s not, again, something that oh, okay, I don’t have to do anything. This is perfect. Let’s just go and don’t You don’t have

Rita Suzanne 15:11
to add the content initially. You just in here and modify it as needed. Right. Exactly. So, but can you add your own content? And

Edie Clarke 15:20
then oh, god, yeah.

Rita Suzanne 15:21
Okay. So yeah. And so the first way was, how you used to do, you would just upload all of your content, and then it would position it and put it on the slide. And do it for you, which is amazing. Because it takes me you know, like, it takes me forever to do designs, because I’m too critical. Yeah, yeah, actually.

Edie Clarke 15:44
Yeah, so this takes all of that out. Because you can’t, it has a set number, but it has enough of templates for you to choose. So if you wanted to do graphs, there are only a set maybe eight different ways that you can position a graph. So it just limits it so that you don’t have to be like, well, do I want this one versus that one? You don’t, there’s eliminates

Rita Suzanne 16:10
all of that for you. Because I feel like oftentimes, people will go outside of like, their brand standards, right? And so for them, the standards are, this is the best way that your presentation is going to be received. So we’re gonna make you stay within these standards. Yes. And I think that that’s smart, because like you some people will just go crazy, and put all the things and I used to hate that when I would.

Edie Clarke 16:35
Yeah, yeah. And they also have, I haven’t played around with this feature yet. And I actually replied to somebody on one of my YouTube videos in reference to beautiful data, AI. But they have a feature now, where beautiful AI can be an add in on PowerPoint. So if you open up PowerPoint, I guess you have to go to add in and then somehow I forgot, you have to add in beautiful AI, to PowerPoint. And it just allows those two platforms now to work a lot better than they used to. Because before all you could do was export it as a slide image and import it into beautiful Or vice versa, you could export your beautiful AI presentation as a PowerPoint. It is editable, but it’s not all of the animation wouldn’t be wouldn’t transfer over. Yeah. And then the other feature that they’ve added that I personally don’t care about, but it is an AI feature is they do have the ability for you to create images using Dolly. So they’ve done a deal with Dolly, where you’re essentially using dolly within beautiful AI. And you’re able to go and create custom images. I as a whole I’m not a huge fan of Dolly, when it comes to image creation. My choice of tool is mid journey. It’s a little chaotic in the way that it works because it kind of works in tandem with it’s basically a discord chat, and you you know, tell it what you want it to do and it spits out. But I’ve gotten better results and better quality images from mid journey. So that’s my personal favorite. For images

Rita Suzanne 18:28
map to find what works for you know what dolly is I’ve never

Edie Clarke 18:33
there are a lot of platforms that are out there AI platforms where you’re able to type in the text and it spits out an image. So you could say you know, I want to girls sitting on a bench in Central Park eating ice cream. And it will create and then you have to tell it like what style of video of image do you want it to be? So do you want it to be realistic? Do you want it to be hyper realistic? Do you want it to be animated? Do you want it to look like a Peanuts cartoon? Like you have to be very, very specific in terms of the way you want it to look. And then it will spit out that image for you. And that’s what I like, mid journey for. Okay. It just seems to be a higher quality. Yeah, you can be really granular with what you’re asking for. What doesn’t work with that is sort of similar to chat GBT or Jasper even though they may give you a similar verbal or written response, it is still always different. And they will never ever, ever give you the same exact response. And that’s the same with maturity or any of the image a eyes right now, for for example, with mid journey you can get four examples of whatever it is that you ask for. All four will look completely different if you then ask for a variation. And give me four new ones on this one, they’re all going to look different. And then if you try to get even granular like, oh, I want a different color, it’s going to look completely different than the original. So you’re never going to get the image to look identical to the previous one, even if you did find one that you loved. Take it, you’re gonna have to put that in here. And again, put that in Photoshop and try to do whatever you need to do to replicate it. But it’s not going to going to be able to spit it out in different scenarios, like if you wanted to change the background, or if you wanted to change the color, it’s going to be a completely different image the next time. So it’s not

Rita Suzanne 20:43
even stock photos, it’s not just searching for stock photos that fit within these parameters, it’s creating the actual image

Edie Clarke 20:52
based creating the actual image. But now that you mentioned stock photos, I don’t know the jury is out. I’m not a professional when it comes to copywriting and things of that nature. But we have to bear in mind, this platform is built on knowledge of the web. So in order for it to create an image, it’s searching through images. So it’s taking bits and pieces from existing pieces of images or artwork, in order to create what it’s creating. So, technically speaking, it is sort of pulling from the stock images that it’s finding online. I don’t know I’ve not used it, like 24/7 for weeks on end, to see how much content I can curate and am I finding that anywhere? I’ve not exported, which is an idea. I’ve not exported a video yet, and then put it in Google to search to see if that image exists anywhere?

Rita Suzanne 22:00
Well, and my question is like, what about licensing? Are they infringing on licenses? If they are pulling out

Edie Clarke 22:07
the question? Yeah, yeah, that is the question. I think I saw a piece on I believe John Oliver did a piece on AI. And they did their due diligence and did research because they were able to I don’t know, if it was mid journey. I don’t think it was a journey. I don’t know which platform they used. But they found an image that it created for them. That actually you can see the Getty Images logo was like, you know, Watermark word and just like it looks jacked up. And so that was evidence that they took the image from Getty Images. Yeah. So and that’s

Rita Suzanne 22:49
lessons is just be careful because you don’t want to get fined Getty well. Of course, the money.

Edie Clarke 22:55
So far, I’ve not I like them. But I’m actually using it for a creative project that I’m doing. I’m working on an animated short, and I need to get character images, just for reference. So I’m not republishing the images that I’m using this for?

Rita Suzanne 23:11
Yeah, that would be cute, though. The little chairs? Yeah. So it gives you a visual idea. Okay, so I think I feel like we’ve talked about the benefits and the limitations, but, you know, I’ve been wanting to get back on to YouTube. So what is and I loved it that you said that big view has the actual

Edie Clarke 23:34
a teleprompter

Rita Suzanne 23:37
on it. So that’s, that’s encouraging. That helps me to you know, feel like okay, now I’m, I’m able to create content without it feeling uncomfortable. So what platforms do you feel like are the best platforms for AI that you should be using them on?

Edie Clarke 23:56
The platforms?

Rita Suzanne 23:58
Like, should I use AI for YouTube? Or should I just stick to like writing is, you know, like, can you even use AI for YouTube other than just for the prompter,

Edie Clarke 24:10
um, for creating your content, you can use AI from conception to repurposing. Once you if you’re not sure of what videos you want to create, you need to do research. And right now, if you don’t mind the way chat GPT is probably a good option for you to do some research in terms of the topics that you want to create. My tool of choice is one called Morning theme. And that tool allows you to really have a clearer understanding of the best keywords based on the size of your channel. And so that’s why I prefer that when it makes keyword research. If you have to rely on something like the keyword Google planner or the Google Keyword Planner, it makes you understand that process a little bit easier. So that is my personal preference in terms of researching. So you can certainly use AI to research the content and go from there and figure out what kinds of videos you want to create. You can also use it for prompts that whether you’re going to do these as shorts or tic tac, or if you actually want to use them for standalone prompts that you’re using on social media, for creating, definitely writing your script, whether it’s Jasper or, or whatever your written tool of preferences. And then when it comes to really filming yourself, big view or anyone like big view, big view, just I like big view because it has a desktop and an app version. So you can do all of the heavy lifting, if you will, on the desktop, and then everything gets transferred to your phone when you’re ready to film yourself. I personally prefer to use the video teleprompter from the phone, because it truly does not look like you’re reading when you’re using it. Because you can kind of see. And it because the where where the text will come on the screen is where your camera is. So the text would come along here. So it doesn’t look like you’re reading. So that’s my personal preference. When it comes to editing, a lot of people probably hate editing more seconds after they can’t stand watching themselves. On camera, there are a number of tools that you can use that make editing either easier. That’s like the script or descript, however you want to pronounce it makes it super, super easy, because you can easily edit just by removing the text in your transcript. But there is a tool that’s out there called wise cut. And that tool allows you to upload your raw footage, and it will edit it for you. Okay, now the downside again, everything with AI has a great thing. And then oh, it has not yet learned how to differentiate between somebody that does a false start, or makes oops, I made a mistake. Let me start over. And one that’s just reading the script naturally. So I’m sure that they’re going to work on that and create some way of you filming. So that maybe perhaps you say, stop or pause or cut or something so that the AI will know. Okay, I can’t do anything. Let me wait.

Rita Suzanne 27:49
Yeah, so you’re in the middle of a video if somebody needs to cut something out, right? Not as if you could at the beginning. And you can just trim it right to actually all the way out,

Edie Clarke 27:59
right. But it does remove dead space. Okay, so if you’re like waiting for the teleprompter to move, and you’re just like, for the first whatever, it’ll cut that out. Or if you have a long gap between paragraphs, it’ll cut that out. It’ll also do jump cuts, which is basically you can go from a shot like this to a closer shot, it will do all of that automatically for you. So and I think that and more like them are going to come out and just get better as time goes on. And then there isn’t an AI tool for uploading other than your social media management tool, you can upload your video there, and then they can upload it to YouTube. I like just from wherever I’m editing, I just like to send it straight to YouTube. My personal preference I have, I prefer to have a bit more control over how and when my video gets uploaded. So I don’t need anything to really necessarily automate that process for me. But then when you have created your video, you’ve uploaded the video, you then need to repurpose the video and a lot of people tend to assume that Oh, once I put the video up on YouTube, my job is done. I don’t have to worry about anything, YouTube’s going to do all the work for me. And that’s not true. So there are AI tools that are out there that can repurpose your content for you and cut them into shorts or into clips that you can put on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn for you.

Rita Suzanne 29:39
So well I was looking at repurpose IO and because this was going to be the next question I had for you was about repurposing and I was you know is like automatic. Do you want us to automatically create these shorts for you based on the video? And I’m like no, because how are you going to know what stuff I want? You know, so So how does it does it is that something you manually then if you if you don’t allow it to, you have to kind of adjust it yourself go through the video,

Edie Clarke 30:07
I think there are a number I’m actually still, I haven’t, I kind of sort of have decided, but I’m not certain which one I’m going to get behind. But there are a lot of other ones besides, I’m experimenting with them all. And there is one that chooses based on keywords. So I think that is the better sort of direction to go. Because it’s going to select the clips that based on their, the AI in the background, searching through your transcript and finding your keywords. And if you’re talking about branding, or you know things of that nature, then they’re going to rank your clips based on that and cut those sections where you’re talking about that. Everything. Again, this is still early days, so it’s not perfect. So there are some the tool that I’m talking about actually does a good job at finding the clips based on the keyword and they are really good worthy clips, because that is the purpose of this tool, it’s not there to make your clip look glossy, it is there to get the content that they feel is going to resonate with your audience based on on the keyword results. So the closed captioning, it looks like the regular ADA standard closed captioning, a lot of people don’t particularly care for that. It doesn’t give you the option to put in like you know, emojis and fun little things like that. And it doesn’t give you the option to do like meme looking videos with the black or whatever color bars on top. So it you know every tool is going to be for a different person based on what your specific interest is. And but this one it’s called Get Munch is one that I feel is heading in the right direction. But it still needs work. Right. And I don’t even think it offers. I’m not sure if I think there’s some some format that they don’t do yet.

Rita Suzanne 32:25
Like a popular form. Yeah. Well, I mean, I think that any Okay, so what do you think are the let’s just wrap it up with what do you think are the benefits and the pros and the cons of AI in general.

Edie Clarke 32:40
And in general, for content creation, the pros are, particularly if you’re a solopreneur. If you’re just starting out, and you don’t have a budget to hire anybody, this kind of gives you a back office or gives you, you know, assistants, you these are your virtual assistants, I can think of it that way. Because it allows you to expedite the process of doing a lot of the things that are extremely time consuming for us, whether that’s sitting down and drafting emails to blast out to our email list, or if it’s doing the painstaking social media posts, and all of those types of things. So it definitely helps with that. One of the drawbacks on that is that you can’t rely on what you get from it, to just say, Okay, this is perfect, let me just put it out as is, you still need to review it. So think of it as your assistant just did this work for you, and you need to review what they’re doing.

Rita Suzanne 33:40
Right? You know, and you have to be you have to be knowledgeable of who your target audience is. You could kind of refine these because you don’t want to use the same thing that somebody else’s you are using, right?

Edie Clarke 33:53
And you want it to speak in your voice. So if you don’t and they do have Jasper and all of them to this chat now, Jasper for sure. I know social medias now, I think social medias, I’ve used so many different ones I can’t even remember now. But they offer the opportunity for you to to select the tone that you want to use for your Yeah, for your content. But besides tone, is that the way you speak. And if it’s not, then you need to go in there. And you need to tweak it so that it sounds like you write and so that’s the drawback. I don’t know if that’ll ever get cleared up because that means that every single human being that uses these tools it will have to identify and know okay knows that Edie is asking this. Well, Ed speaks this way. So let me spit out that result. I don’t know if it’ll ever get to that. But you certainly at this point. You can use it for the purpose of helping you create the content And quickly, and then you can then tweak it. I use it for writer’s block, I cannot start anything from a blank sheet of paper or a blank screen. Well, I need to get something

Rita Suzanne 35:11
offline or Yeah,

Edie Clarke 35:13
I need some.

Rita Suzanne 35:15
I do better at editing versus being from from nothing and just staring at and then I’m moving on, because I think that’s been the reason why I’ve not been consistent in a lot of content creation so that something like all of these tools could help you definitely with your consistency staying on task on task with, you know, what you say you’re gonna do?

Edie Clarke 35:39
Yeah, yeah, yeah. So I that’s, that’s my feeling on, you know, utilizing it and utilizing it to the best of its ability in your business. I know that there are people that are absolutely against it and think that it’s cheating, or they think that it’s

Rita Suzanne 36:00
well, your job is writing copy, then you’re definitely Oh god, yeah, Biden about something that’s going to take away from your job, you know, so

Edie Clarke 36:10
I don’t see it taking away I see it for the time being, if somebody cannot afford to hire a copywriter, why are you but begrudging them the ability for them to write copy?

Rita Suzanne 36:21
Right? Well, because copy is expensive, it’s expensive to get a copywriter. Yeah. Right. And, and so I do think that it’s a good starting point. But if you don’t understand your person, like you’re just wasting your time, and yeah,

Edie Clarke 36:34
but you’d be wasting your time if you hired someone or if you use chat GBT or

Rita Suzanne 36:39
a lot of the copywriters do help you, like, you know, get into who your person is. Because they can’t write for you if they don’t know who right is. And so yeah, that’s a whole. That’s a whole slippery slope as it

Edie Clarke 36:52
is. Exactly.

Rita Suzanne 36:54
Okay. So tell everybody where they can find you. Where are you at? Where are you hiding?

Edie Clarke 36:59
I am primarily on LinkedIn or on YouTube. And on LinkedIn, I think you have to go, is it can you do ad on LinkedIn, I can’t even remember, but it’s virtually in sync. And if you need to find me, my name is Ed Thomas Clark. And on YouTube, it’s at symbol virtually in sync to go to my channel. My channel primarily consists of videos where I’m talking to you about easy to use and simple to learn video creation tools. So some of the ones that we talked about here are going to be featured on my channel. And then you can go to my website, Ed

Rita Suzanne 37:36
Yes, the website. Of course, that’s where they can learn all about how they can hire you. Yes, yeah. Yeah. And said it again, Ed,

Edie Clarke 37:45
right. Yes. And it’s Clark with an E. Ed with one D. It’s not Edie.

Rita Suzanne 37:53
I remember you telling me that, that somebody said this. Yeah,

Edie Clarke 37:56
they still to this day, even if I even though I have my name phonetically spelled. They’ll still say Hi, Eddie. That’s Edie. Yeah,

Rita Suzanne 38:07
I will people call me Suzanne all the time, too. And I’m and I don’t understand that because it’s doesn’t come first. So yeah, you know, I don’t understand, but it’s okay. Thanks for jumping on and talk about You’re welcome. I appreciate it. It’s been a pleasure.

Edie Clarke 38:23
Yes. It’s been fun. Good to see you.

Rita Suzanne 38:29
All right. Look, I’m always about to end

Rita Suzanne  38:32

And there you have it. I want to encourage you to remember that being a mom who runs her own business is not easy. We all struggle, but just keep moving forward. And don’t forget to make time for yourself. As moms we are usually the first thing to go to the bottom of the list. If your business is overwhelming you and you need real solutions, not just some sugar coated suggestions apply to work with me at

sound amazing?

Yes, yes it does!

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